The 6 critical reasons to outsource your referral marketing

6 reasons to outsource your referral scheme

Potential clients often say to us: “We love your refer-a-friend platform, but why wouldn’t we just cook up our own in-house?” And where they have already rustled something up themselves – but want to improve upon it – the question is often: “Why wouldn’t we just sprinkle these features onto our existing referral scheme?”

And those are very good questions. But, when famously sophisticated global brands like T-Mobile, HSBC’s first direct, River Island, and GAP make the decision to outsource their referral programme to Buyapowa instead of tackling the development internally, maybe that alone should be enough to answer them.

In case you need more convincing though, here are six reasons why you should dial out and outsource your referral marketing technology to a best-in-class provider like Buyapowa instead of trying to wing it yourself.

1. Use your time and money to do what you do best

There’s a good reason so many world-class businesses like Salesforce, Bazaarvoice, and Asana exist, even though, given enough time and money, you could probably build those services in-house.

Quite simply, no business can do everything. Unless you have infinite development resources, you probably already have a full product pipeline, so outsourced services allow you to focus your scarce resources on doing what you do best: developing your USP and generating revenue.

And don’t forget the ongoing need to update, debug and modernise your software – for example, every time a new social network arrives on the scene or changes their APIs. Our platform is constantly maintained and enhanced, ensuring that all our clients have access to the very best technology as soon as it becomes available – and at no extra cost.

2. Outsourced programmes scale. In-house ones don’t

Imagine you’re launching your referral programme in the USA. It’s going to be in US English and the rewards and incentives are most likely going to be articulated in US dollars.

All good. But what happens when you want to roll it out across Europe? That’s another 50 countries, with 24 more languages and 11 more currencies. How about South America, Asia, Africa? How about territories with wildly different data and privacy regulations?

It’s all do-able, but who’s going to do the doing? Your dev team, who’ll have moved onto other projects by then? It’s just not going to happen. Far better to start off with an outsourced platform that’s already solved these problems and is ready to scale the moment you are.

3. You’re not locked in

Deciding to partner with a leading referral marketing provider is not a one-way street.

Buyapowa provides access to its software by way of an annual software licence. So you’re not locked into our solution beyond the current licence period. And if, at any point, you should wish to develop your own solution, you’re entirely free to take all that you’ve learned from working with us and build your own. 

Of course, once you have worked with us, we hope you’ll be convinced by the ongoing value that we provide and, like countless other brands, happily renew.

4. Advanced features cost a lot to build

If you want your programme to deliver real value, you’ll need advanced reporting and analytics to learn what works best for your business, identify key influencers and develop critical insights. You may also need to incorporate a series of advanced features such as:

  • Multiple referral drivers, including tiered rewards and leaderboard gamification. Remember: 80% of your referrals will come from just 20% of your customers, but only if you fan the flames and make the most of your biggest advocates.
  • Flexible reward and incentive delivery via unique URLs, voucher codes, QR codes, loyalty points or physical vouchers.
  • Omnichannel functionality, allowing you to promote your programme and drive sales not just online but also in your stores and even via call centres.
  • Multiple triggers, allowing you not only to drive sales, but also product sampling, app downloads, subscriptions and countless further actions.
  • Parallel programmes, specially customised to suit the needs of affiliates, influencers and even your own employees.

Very few in-house or simple off-the-shelf solutions offer these features. Having built and continuously improved our platform to include them all, we know how expensive and time-consuming that can be, and we’d love to share the fruits of our investment with you.

5. Test & learn

If you want a referral programme that resonates with your customers, you’ll need advanced analytics and testing facilities to discover what works… and what doesn’t. Sadly, most in-house and off-the-shelf solutions fall woefully short in these regards.

That means there’s typically little or no scope for improving your referral programme, and decisions are often made on a hunch. Buyapowa, on the other hand, has an ongoing test and learn suite and even dynamic optimisation, so that your messaging, rewards and incentives, look and feel, sharing tools and much more can be fine-tuned (with zero development required), and any decisions your team make will be based on observed facts.

6. You should partner with experts

Our platform and best practice insights come from having run referral programmes for over 100 leading businesses around the world and across a host of verticals, including telecoms, financial services, utilities, fashion, beauty, retail, online gaming and more. And we’re still learning!

By partnering with us, you benefit from all of our experience today, rather than trying to work everything out yourself. And that’s priceless. After all, anyone can cook… once they have the ingredients, the recipe, the equipment, the expertise and the time. But do you?

Ready to supercharge your new customer acquisition or have any questions you’d like to put to us? Reach out, we’re more than happy to help.

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