Why success requires so much more than just referral marketing software

If you have been regularly reading our blog, you will have seen that the Buyapowa Referral Marketing Software platform is a sophisticated and powerful tool, packed with value-added features, fully configurable and capable of integration with a whole host of other platforms. And it’s also capable of extending to many use cases far beyond simple refer-a-friend marketing.

But, as with any such tool or platform, if you were left on your own, do you think you’d get the best from it? Perhaps you wouldn’t even be aware of half of the things you could do with the platform. Maybe you wouldn’t be using it in an optimal manner. Or you’d run the risk of spending an eternity learning by trial and error, when you could have used that time more productively elsewhere.

Of course, some tools come with detailed self-help guides and explainer videos, and you may find a vibrant community of customers and vendors who post in blogs and online forums, or share videos on YouTube revealing their secret sauce hacks to get the best from a platform. But, when it comes to an enterprise-level tool, we think you should have a managed service.

While having the best referral marketing software is a good place to start, having the right team of experts on hand to guide you and help you get the most from your referral programme is key. Not just helping you set it up and launch it, but advising you how to constantly grow returns, how to change your programme up and refresh it, challenging you to do better and giving you ideas and best practices. The lack of this kind of support is one of the key reasons many in-house built programmes fail.

So here are seven reasons why we think you need to have the best professional support on hand to ensure the continual success of your referral programme:

1. Get advice from the people who built the software

Having access to the people who built and maintain your software can greatly  help you with the running of your programme. Too often, if you allow your programme to be built by an agency, the people who developed it will be long gone by the time you get to implementation. In fact, in many cases, your agency will have outsourced work to freelances, who will disappear after the project finishes, taking their knowledge with them. So, if you have a complex technical integration issue, who better to advise you how to do it than the technicians who actually built the software and really understand how it works? That’s why, at Buyapowa, we take pride in the fact that the team that built our best-in-class referral marketing software remains with us today, making it better all the time.

2. Get help from the experts

Our team has helped set up, run and improve hundreds of referral marketing programmes for leading brands across all sectors, from telecoms to banking and insurance, through utilities, fashion, beauty, gaming, sports streaming and sports clubs. Although each company and each referral programme is different, it’s unlikely that any issues you face are unique, so we’re likely to have solved the same or similar issues for other clients. This means we can save you invaluable time and effort trying to work out the answers by yourself. And if, by chance, we haven’t faced a particular challenge before, having the team that built our software on hand means that we can be sure to find a way around your problem.

3. You need to be challenged

Even if you think your referral marketing programme is working well, how do you know it’s achieving its maximum potential? You could just be ‘satisficing’, accepting a below-par performance. With our experience working with hundreds of referral schemes, we’re able to look at every part of your programme: from customer sign-ups, to sharing, to the behaviour of referred friends and the transactions they make. So we can tell you if you’re above or below what we’d expect to see, benchmarking against other successful programmes. What’s more, we can share the reasons why successful clients  achieve superlative metrics, so you can implement similar processes.

4. You might need help with new ideas

Another reason a lot of in-house schemes suffer, is that those who manage them simply run out of ideas on how to refresh their programmes, meaning that they get stale and boring. Of course, you could pay an expensive creative agency to ideate, but why not simply ask Buyapowa’s experts what they’ve seen work elsewhere, or even just challenge them for some impartial blue sky thinking?

5. You need help to test and iterate

As with most marketing, a key factor in running a successful referral platform is being able constantly to develop hypotheses, to test and to iterate. Assuming your referral marketing software allows you to run tests, you’ll need to devise a series of questions that can form the hypotheses for experiments, and then you’ll need to set them up so that you can measure the variance. Again, rather than trying to do all this on your own, why not call on our experts who can help you plan out a testing programme?

6. Referral marketing doesn’t stand still

As the pace of change in marketing only seems to accelerate, the programme you need today is unlikely to be fit for purpose a few years down the line. That means you need referral marketing software, like Buyapowa’s, that will continue to evolve and adapt. And it’s all the better if you can feed your own, personal experience into the development process via your account manager, ensuring that the software continues to meet your particular requirements long into the future.

7. You shouldn’t have to dedicate your own rocket scientist to run your programme

It’s nice to have sophisticated state-of-the-art software but, unless referral is your only marketing channel, you don’t really want to dedicate your best and brightest staff to running your customer-get-customer programme. Better that they’re able to concentrate on other tasks like developing your USP, or driving competitive advantage and revenue for your brand. That’s why, at Buyapowa, our teams do all of the heavy lifting for you, enabling you to delegate the day-to-day running of your programme to more junior and less critical staff.

These are just seven of the reasons why we decided to offer the Buyapowa programme as a managed service. So, while we firmly believe that we have the best referral marketing software on the market, we know that success isn’t just about the software. It’s about the people – your people and our people – and how we can help you get the best from your programme throughout its entire life cycle.

If you’d like to know more about the Buyapowa managed service, please get in touch.

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