The Buyapowa platform supports a wide range of advocacy programmes, from consumer referral campaigns to employee friends & family perks.


The most effective new channel for customer acquisition

100% white-labelled and customisable for your brand, Buyapowa's refer-a-friend technology offers powerful integration options, omnichannel acquisitions and state-of-the-art security / fraud prevention.


The Buyapowa platform identifies your most influential customers, then engages them to get their social fans and followers shopping.

Influencer marketing is here to stay, but costs are rocketing while performance is waning. Buyapowa's technology helps you tap into your most authentic influencers and turns them into brand ambassadors who generate real-world sales.

Employee perks

Leverage the passion and knowledge of your most engaged advocates.

No one knows your brand like your own employees. By switching on the Buyapowa platform, you can give them exclusive offers to share with their friends and family - opening up a whole new sales channel in the process.

Net promoters

Give your biggest fans the tools they need to get their friends shopping.

Your NPS survey asks customers whether they’d recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues - so give them the tools to do exactly that.

Loyalty programmes

Turn ordinary customers and their friends into super-loyal devotees.

There's no one better to spread the word about your loyalty programme than existing happy members. That’s why Buyapowa's unique loyalty technology rewards your most engaged customers each and every time their friends sign up.