6 Referral Program Examples (& the Marketing Strategies You Can Steal)

6 referral program examples & strategies you can steal” & Tesla, Harry’s, Evernote & Koodoo logos

Finding the right method to acquire new, valuable customers for your business is hard work. That’s where referral marketing companies come into their own.

More marketing leaders are turning to conversational, trust-based marketing, and continuing to adopt new marketing technology to reach new customers.  However, the proven tactic that continues to bring in loyal customers for titans like Dropbox, Slack, Uber and so many more is referral marketing.

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Trust Based Relationship Selling for the Digital Age

Trust is one of the most important factors in maintaining a successful relationship with your customers. It can boost sales, give your company an edge over the competition, but above all – it is the driving force behind brand loyalty.

The problem is, brand-customer trust cannot be established with the press of a button. With all the spam and phishing scams floating around, how do you let your audience know they can feel secure and comfortable doing business with you?

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Referral Marketing Best Practice (Part 1)

Referral Marketing Best Practice Part 1

When you’ve powered referral marketing programmes for over a hundred of the World’s leading brands and retailers, it’s really difficult to distill all you learned into a short document. That’s why our Referral Marketing Best Practice Guide, at 18 pages, might seem a little daunting. So, to offer you a lighter read, we have distilled some of the key elements into a series of three blog posts, starting here.

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