The Holiday Sales Period: The best time to launch Refer-a-Friend

After this year's record breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you may have just about finished dealing with all those returns from Take-back Tuesday and are probably now fully focused on the Christmas period and the upcoming January Sales.

In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if you are feeling a bit exhausted by now, as you will have been planning for this busy time since early September. But as you make plans for spending the festive season with your family, while nervously watching to see how your marketing ideas actually translated into sales, you might think it strange to be already thinking beyond the end of the Holiday Sales. However, smart brands and retailers are already considering how they will get value from all those new customers acquired from almost two months after Black Friday.

And one thing on your checklist should definitely be a referral marketing programme. Whether that is launching a new scheme from scratch or replacing your existing one with a best-in-class platform to really leverage the goodwill from all those fresh new customers. That is simply because, as we see from verticals as diverse as beauty, fashion, finance, grocery, home furnishing, travel and telecoms, referral marketing

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Everything we know about referral rewards and incentives. (Hint: it's everything there is to know.)

Everything we know about rewards and incentives

You learn a thing or 39 working at Buyapowa, the world's leading referral marketing platform. And, day in day out, we share what we know with our hundreds of clients across all kinds of industries - from fashion and beauty to telecoms and financial services, and everything in-between.

One of the topics we're asked about most often is how to choose the perfect referral rewards and friend incentives. What are the different options available? Which ones work best in which circumstances? What value should they have? And what are the roles of rewards and incentives in the first place? Well, here's everything we know. And, now, you do too!


  1. Referral rewards are a thank you to customers who have successfully referred their friends.
  2. They're also something to accelerate that referral in the first place.
  3. Guess what? The first point really isn't important. If the referral was going to happen anyway, a thank you is nice, but it’s ultimately unnecessary. Rewards should be designed to trigger actions that wouldn’t happen on their own.
  4. You’re rewarding referrals, but referring isn’t the action rewards should be designed to trigger. The actual action is sharing with a friend; whether they

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Entretenir l'emulsion du Black Friday et des soldes d'Hiver : La recette

Les soldes d’hiver sont lancées avec le coup d’envoi du Black Friday. La sur-consommation est à son apogée, les marketers sous l’eau, les ventes au beau fixe. Mais n’oubliez pas que la descente peut aussi faire mal : après l’émulsion, il faudra patienter cinq mois jusqu’aux soldes d’été et espérer atteindre ces types de trafic.

Alors que faire dans l’attente pour continuer d’imprimer du ticket de caisse ? Le parrainage digital s’avère être aujourd’hui le levier d’acquisition numéro un des marques et distributeurs. Durant les soldes vous recrutez des chercheurs de bonnes affaires, quand vous pourriez recruter les amis de vos clients existants qui connaissent et aiment déjà votre marque. Etant recommandé par une personne de confiance, le nouveau consommateur est alors plus engagé, dépense plus, et revient.

Pourquoi maintenant

Avant le moment ou vos ventes baissent ou juste après, il est temps de lancer ou réactiver votre programme de parrainage. Car :

  1. Les soldes représentent probablement l’équivalent d’un trimestre d’activité, et vous aurez acquis de nombreux clients que vous pouvez relancer et fidéliser via le parrainage. Il est inévitable de saisir cette opportunité.

  2. Les consommateurs ont tendance

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Tout sur les incentives et récompenses en parrainage

Everything we know about rewards and incentives

Travailler chez Buyapowa, la plateforme leader en parrainage digital, nous apprend beaucoup. Nous partageons jour après jour ce que nous apprenons au contact de notre centaine de clients à travers toutes sortes d’industries - de la mode à la beauté, en passant par les télécoms ou banques, et bien d’autres encore.

L’un des sujets sur lesquels nous est demandé le plus d’informations et de conseils fait référence aux récompenses et incentives idéaux. Quelles sont les différentes options possibles ? Qu’est ce qui fonctionne, dans quelles circonstances ? Quelle devrait en être la valeur ? Et quel est le rôle des récompenses et incentives en premier lieu ? Nous vous exposons ci-après tout ce que nous savons sur le sujet !


  1. Les récompenses parrainage remercient le consommateur qui a parrainé avec succès. .
  2. C’est avant tout un levier pour encourager au parrainage.
  3. Par ailleurs si le parrainage allait arriver quoiqu’il arrive, un remerciement est toujours apprécié, mais pas nécessairement obligatoire. Les récompenses devraient être désignées pour provoquer une action qui ne se serait pas produite auquel cas.
  4. Récompenser les parrainages, n’est pas récompenser l’action de parrainer. L’action est de partager avec un ami, qui s’il converti

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My Soho Home is your Soho Home

We're delighted to announce that Soho Home - the interiors and lifestyle brand extension of Soho House - has joined forces with Buyapowa to launch its first ever refer-a-friend programme.

For the past 22 years, Soho House has been synonymous with comfort, style and a certain intangible warmth that its competitors invariably fail to emulate. It's there the moment you enter any of the group's 19 clubs or hotels around the world, visit any of their cinemas, dine in any of their restaurants or indulge yourself at any of their spas and beauty parlours.

And now anyone can bring a taste of that warmth and luxury into their home, via a meticulously curated selection of furniture, homewares and accessories created for, tested in, and inspired by, their Houses.

Peer-to-peer marketing has always played a huge part in Soho House's success. Back in 1995, anyone who was anyone in the creative industries first experienced the brand via a personal invite from someone in their network. To this day, House memberships are still only attainable once applicants are proposed by existing members.

Now, thanks to the latest referral marketing technology, that sense of tastemakers tipping their friends off to something spectacular has

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