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Explore our industry segments

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From omnichannel acquisitions to offering flexible and intelligent rewards, the Buyapowa platform can be used in a wide variety of ways. Here’s just a few examples of how it’s helping our customers solve their key business challenges.

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    Rewards and incentives that flex, depending on the type or value of products purchased by referrerd-in friends and followers.

    One campaign, unlimited possibilities.

  • 83c71a1992a7f13635fde61f49a95548dbff1128 snk loyalty 1x

    Loyalty points and other perks used as rewards in place of discounting.

    Buyapowa supports the widest range of reward types, from third-party gift cards to gift with purchase and many more.

  • 900cd74125a4b2b2f7140664540d26e5cb231a68 expedia screens nl 1x

    Programmes across continental Europe, Scandinavia and the US, in multiple languages with multiple currencies.

    Powerful reporting, enabling Expedia to track growth both locally and across the group.

  • 8bd493016633710d0e674021f9a5b66f886500b5 pure planet 1x

    Driving not only app downloads but also new customer conversions as advocates refer in their friends and followers.

    Buyapowa’s rich integration options unlock the power of Pure Planet’s app.

  • 6be0ee392ae241988efb5c77d0e738559f8aa8ae voda call centre 1x

    Buyapowa’s omnichannel functionality allows brands like Vodafone to acquire new customers across any channel.

    Online, on mobile, in stores or even over the phone - wherever your advocates and their friends / followers want to shop, Buyapowa supports it.

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