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Explore our industry segments

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From tipping considered purchases to driving footfall into stores, the Buyapowa platform can be used in a wide variety of ways. Here’s just a few examples of how it’s helping our customers solve their key business challenges.

  • 4a90469429974eb27cd37d5d802fb6300adde5a8 use cases zizzi

    Omnichannel referral programme, driving visits into restaurants via mobile sharing.

    Integration with Apple iOS Wallet and Android PassWallet.

  • 8f65f6c0882ff71a802b10f7ef5cd183f0962e01 use cases asos

    Quick and easy implementation / integration with existing systems.

    Sophisticated technology significantly outstripping any which could be self-built.

  • B9da18e0624151b0e6a73961afcccde2a43b2a41 use cases o2

    Offering different rewards, incentives and messaging to engage a broad range of customer segments.

    Intelligent tracking allows O2 to target the right customers with the right proposition.

  • Bd9d66b3f673815ea80c355ae446ff3ece5eb628 use cases spacenk

    Gifts with purchase and other perks used as rewards in place of discounting.

    Using referral marketing to acquire new customers from target demographics.

  • A63928a902c44fb21ee2bafbe81a613822dc7927 use cases expedia

    Programmes across continental Europe and Scandinavia, in multiple languages with multiple currencies.

    Powerful reporting, enabling Expedia to track growth both locally and across the entire group.

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