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As the only scalable refer-a-friend and advocacy platform designed for all industries (including regulated businesses), we deliver compliant, secure and flexible solutions that are deployed by leading brands across the globe.

Key Features

  • AB
    Test & learn
  • On-brand experience
  • Fraud prevention
  • Compliance
  • Omnichannel referrals
  • Flexible integration
  • Flexible rewards
  • Gamification
  • Account management
  • Voucher management
  • Reminders
  • Reporting


It feels good to be the global leader in refer-a-friend marketing, and we're proud of our flagship product. But with solutions to turn your employees, your net promoters, your loyalty club members and even more online influencers into valuable acquisition channels, referral's just the start.

What can refer-a-friend do for you?

More than ever, the marketplace is being dominated by brands who've achieved game-changing rates of growth and record sales or qualified sales leads via referral. It's not a magic bullet but, when it's done correctly, it's the closest thing there is.


of customers came via referral


of model S sales attributed to referral


of users brought in via referral


of the user base acquired via referral

Referred-in customers spend 25% more, churn 18% less frequently and show a 16% greater customer lifetime value.

- Wharton School of Business study of almost 10,000 customer accounts over a 33-month period

We keep pushing the boundaries of referral

When the brands above pioneered online referral, they conceived it as a very blunt tool: Customer A attracts Friend B with Incentive C to earn Reward D - and that’s as far as it went. But, thanks to advances in technology and our hunger to do more, we’re pushing back the boundaries and smart brands are already benefiting.

  • 1. Product-level referral

    O2 are getting surgical, inviting existing customers not just to get their friends signing up, but also to get them purchasing very specific Samsung handsets.

  • 2. Flexible reward types

    The AA are able to choose between offering cash, credit or third party vouchers as rewards, enabling them to engage many different kinds of customers.

  • 3. Lookalike marketing

    Vodafone are using the Buyapowa platform to get young students on their network to refer their friends, acquiring huge numbers of new students as a result.

  • 4. Omnichannel referral

    River Island can track referrals across any channel - online, on mobile, over the phone or in store - thanks to our unique omnichannel functionality.

  • 5. Test & Learn

    Carrefour fine tune their referral programme by testing multiple variables, including messaging, design and the rewards on offer.

  • 6. Multiple referrals

    First Direct use Buyapowa’s unique tiered rewards and leaderboard features to get all their customers referring not just once, but again and again.

83% of people want to be able to refer their friends. We'll help you help them.

No matter how complex your needs, we have the flexibility, the expertise, the capacity and the global reach to tackle any challenge.

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