Setup components

Your perfect referral platform, your way. And all in next to no time.
  • Lightning integration

    Lightning integration

    One object frame, one tag and you're done

  • The buyapowa api

    The Buyapowa API

    Fully-featured and open, allowing custom integration

  • Quick click configurator

    Quick-click configurator

    Structure your referral programme in 15 minutes or less

  • Branding module

    Branding module

    Custom design, custom messaging and custom emails - your programme, your way

  • Localisation engine

    Localisation engine

    Any language, any currency - the world's your oyster

  • Omnichannel referrals

    Omnichannel referrals

    Customers can share and their friends can transact any way and anywhere - online, on mobile or in-store

Optimisation tools

Target your customers, promote your programme and maximise results.
  • Outreach accelerator

    Outreach accelerator

    Fill your referral funnel with our suite of digital and physical outreach tools

  • Advanced segmentation

    Advanced segmentation

    Personalised offers help inspire super-advocates, activate lapsed customers & more

  • Comprehensive sharing suite

    Comprehensive sharing suite

    The perfect sharing tools for every customer, whether they’re online, on mobile or in-store

  • Flexible rewards

    Flexible rewards

    Voucher code management, loyalty scheme integration and infinite web hooks let you reward both parties or just one - any way you want

  • Multi referral engine

    Multi-referral engine

    Tiered rewards, gamification and ongoing touchpoints keep your customers referring again and again

Management suite

From reporting and analysis to fraud protection and programme optimisation, we’ve got it all.
  • Dynamic ab testing

    Dynamic A/B testing

    Our automated testing means that your programme gets better and better over time

  • Authentic referrals

    Authentic referrals

    Four layers of security and behavioural pattern-matching ensure that all your referrals are real referrals

  • Custom reporting

    Custom reporting

    KPI-tracking, referral reconciliation, industry benchmarking and unlimited custom reports means you get your data your way

  • Fully managed service

    Fully-managed service

    Dedicated account management, strategic planning and financial projections from the world’s leading experts