10 Reasons Why Social Referral Marketing Works

Over the past several years, social media has evolved and grown into one of the most powerful tools available to marketing professionals. In our digital age, virtually all businesses around the world depend on social media as a marketing tool. In fact, if a company doesn’t promote itself through social media platforms, many customers or potential clients could very well consider the company to be less reliable and not as innovative.

Along with the explosion of social media and the easy nature of referral marketing, the two have become an increasingly common and extremely effective means of marketing a business. Social media referral marketing refers to the whole process involved in increasing website traffic or simply drawing attention to a company by it’s customers, and them doing so through social media platforms. But what can it do for your brand?

1. Expand your brand awareness

Social media channels are the voice of your brand, so it’s important to never miss an opportunity to promote your products or services on these platforms. For instance, a new customer might hear about your brand for the first time after unintentionally seeing it mentioned in a Twitter post. Or a previous customer could be reminded of your business and become interested once again after noticing your company logo on Facebook. Utilising social media will not only pique the curiosity of new customers – but it will also increase your chances of being recognised and becoming more familiar with the existing ones.

2. Grow the loyalty of your brand

Companies that are active on social media tend to better maintain their customers’ loyalty; these are the people that not only love your products but also your brand and everything it stands for.

3. Increase the chances of conversion

Every new social post you publish increases your chances of being stumbled upon by new, existing or previous customers. The good part is that you will be able to directly interact with them. Everything you post can get a reaction that can lead to a site visit and even a conversion. Of course, not every reaction will lead to an actual conversion, but all those positive interactions might eventually lead to the desired conversion.

4. Appear more human

The interaction factor plays an important role in conversion rates. Lately, companies are becoming more humanised through the continuous interaction on social media channels. People enjoy interacting and doing business with other people. So try to make your company appear as human as possible on social media platforms.

5. Visibility leads to reliability and success

The more people who are talking about your brand, the more valuable it will appear to new customers or followers on social platforms. Increasing your brand’s visibility will help to optimise the brand’s success.

6. Significantly increase inbound traffic

Every quality content post you share on social media generates increased inbound traffic, which leads to generating even more traffic, finding new leads and finally reaching more conversions. Without social media, the inbound traffic is strictly restricted to your acquaintances and close circles.

7. Spend less money on traditional marketing

It is no secret that social media increases traffic to a website. Social media marketing is relatively effortless and doesn’t require an allocated budget – only a bit of content development and syndication strategy.

8. Improve your site ranking

From an SEO point of view, meta descriptions and title tags are no longer enough to increase a website’s ranking. Google and other search engines calculate rankings by using the social media presence factor. So a set of keywords combined with the social media presence is the best recipe for better rankings.

9. Deepen relationships with your customers

Social referral marketing is all about the relationships you build with your customers. Through social media, you can thank customers for their positive feedback and respond to customer complaints, if necessary. It’s all about showing that you and your employees care about your customers.

10. Getting to know your customers better

Social media provides important insights into your customers’ preferences. You can find out what they like or how they behave. This allows you to narrow down your content to suit their preferences and learn more about them.

By using the appropriate tools and strategies, social referral marketing leads to more customers, more traffic and more chances of conversions. For more information about social referral marketing and how your company can benefit from it, contact us today.

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  1. Rob very impressive note. I must say your mentioned points are highly appreciable. I believe social media marketing is the best marketing tool which we follow in 2018. It is very cost effective and works beyond the geographical barrier. It not only provides us traffic it also establish brand visibility higher than any traditional trade. The most important part of social referral marketing is we can exchange our opinions here. According to the opinions, we can modify our product or service which can give an extra mileage on sales funnel.

  2. I liked this point the more 5. Visibility leads to reliability and success, thanks for sharing this article with us, it is really very helpful for me.

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