Promote your referral program

How to promote your referral program with success


Did you know that the no. 1 reason referral programs fail is due to a lack of marketing? Ironic, when you consider that most programs are put in place by marketers.

But sadly, to be blunt, if your customers don’t know you have a referral program then it may as well not exist.

Even if your customers do know you have a program, if they can’t find it easily or it doesn’t naturally surface at moments when they’re feeling positive about your brand, then you have a sure-fire recipe for failure.


Referral marketing works just like any other form of marketing: via a funnel. You put people in at the top. They go through several of stages of conversion as they share with their friends. Then, as those friends engage, successful referrals complete the process.

But it’s the first stage that’s perhaps the most important. Because, no matter how enticing your rewards and incentives may be – or how excited your customers are about sharing your brand or products with their friends – unless they’re made aware of your program in the first place, you won’t end up with any referrals. That awareness can come about in two ways, activation and discovery, and it’s essential that you cater for both scenarios to ensure success.


Some people haven’t heard about your referral program yet but, given the right push, they could go on to become great advocates. You need to go out, find them and activate them.


Other potential advocates are already ready to start introducing their friends. You just need to make sure that they find your referral program when they go looking for it.

The guide below (downloadable as a PDF @ 8.3MB) runs through the different strategies to promote your referral program – from a perspective of Activation or Discovery.

Promoting your referral program

Download as PDF (8.3MB)

If you have a referral scheme and would like to know how to get more from it, or even if you are thinking about setting up your very first scheme and want to get ahead of the curve, we would love to chat with you.

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