Buyapowa discusses boosting customer referrals with Pathmonk

Our Director of Marketing, Peter Cunningham, recently sat down with the team at Pathmonk for a podcast to share what Buyapowa does, how we do it, and why lead generation is more than just a numbers game.

As a business that powers advocacy marketing programs for and markets to some of the world’s leading enterprise brands, Buyapowa has a ‘quality over quantity’ ethos, opting out of generic messaging and an over-reliance on automation to instead focus on brokering relationships and personalizing communication for specific audiences.

Peter’s wealth of experience both with Buyapowa and outside of the company makes him perfect to discuss what Buyapowa does, how we do it, as well as offer insights on marketing a modern B2B business and using advocacy marketing, like refer-a-friend, to leverage word-of-mouth and grow your brand.

Check out the full podcast and thank us later.

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