Vodafone refer to Buyapowa for their revolutionary youth sub-brand, VOXI

Vodafone and VOXI embrace referral

Vodafone and Buyapowa are excited to announce a new refer-a-friend programme for the industry-first dedicated youth-brand, VOXI. The innovative programme will play a key part in Vodafone’s marketing campaign for VOXI, and will equip and incentivise customers to encourage their friends to experience the new network’s unique benefits, including endless flexibility with no contracts, unlimited calls & texts and free data for social and chat apps.

Given Vodafone’s unique history, spanning over 30 years at the forefront of the mobile telecommunications industry, it made sense for them to partner with a referral marketing platform with similar credentials. That’s why they’ve joined forces with Buyapowa – the technology platform behind ground-breaking referral programmes for brands such as ASOS, Expedia and Sky, plus numerous mobile networks including Three, Telefónica’s O2, Lebara and BT Mobile.

Drawing on Buyapowa’s experience in tailoring referral programmes for multiple demographics with differing wants and needs, Vodafone are, in fact, launching three distinct referral programmes to cater for three distinct groups: happy customers who want to share the love with their friends, brand ambassadors who are driven to celebrate VOXI among their networks and the brand’s most passionate advocates – Vodafone employees themselves.

VOXI referral programme

In each case, friends will be rewarded with a free £10 Amazon gift card when they sign up with VOXI, as will the referrer who tipped them off. While the proposition is simple, the technology behind it is cutting-edge, enabling referrers to share with their friends across any device and via a host of mobile apps, including SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Michelle Williams, Commercial Manager at VOXI said: “Transparency is at the heart of VOXI. That’s why we wanted to be transparent when it comes to marketing, too. We know that word of mouth is critical when it comes to acquiring new customers – especially when it comes to influencing customers’ choice of mobile network – and, rather than coasting off the back of that word of mouth, we felt it was right to reward people who sent their friends our way. They scratch our backs, we scratch theirs. By working with Buyapowa – who have unparalleled experience in this area – we can do just that.”

“We couldn’t be more delighted to work with an iconic brand like Vodafone on this major new launch,” said Buyapowa CEO, Gideon Lask. “Telecoms is an industry that’s really embracing referral marketing, to the extent that few networks now risk alienating their customers by not offering a referral programme. By teaming up with us, Vodafone will not only be able to harness the incredible passion of VOXI’s young customer-base, they’ll also be able to extend their loyalty and grow the brand into what I’m sure will become a huge success.”

For more information, or a demo of the Buyapowa platform and VOXI’s new referral programme, please get in touch.

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