The psychology of referral: part 2

The psychology of referral part one

Welcome to Part Two of our three-part dive into the psychology of referral marketing. If you missed Part One, have a dig around your email inbox, this blog or your sofa – you’ll probably find it there.

So, what’s in store this time?

Well, we’ll tell you why it’s super-important to put your refer-a-friend scheme in as many places as possible. We’ll explain why you’ve got to refresh your programme every once in a while. And we’ll unveil the incredible results you can achieve by introducing tiered and staggered rewards.

And we’ll do all that while giggling at a student with a big, black bag over his head, wondering exactly how much drool Pavlov had to mop up and rejecting a wager with a caveman.

Hopefully, you’ll find it all as useful and enjoyable to read as we found it to write. Enjoy, and we’ll see you soon for Part Three.

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