T-Mobile chooses Buyapowa to power its refer-a-friend program

We’re excited to announce the launch of T-Mobile’s refer-a-friend program, powered by Buyapowa. It’s a real champagne moment for us, affirming Buyapowa’s status as the de facto choice for powerhouse brands looking to acquire new customers via the advocacy of their existing ones.

Since acquiring Sprint earlier this year, T-Mobile has become one of the biggest operators in the US, with almost 100 million subscribers. But T-Mobile’s size isn’t only measured by the numbers; it’s also due to the unmatched scale of its ambition, its relentless questioning of the status quo, and its drive to make the industry better for everyone. Plans without annual service contracts that offer flexibility and transparency? T-Mobile was the first to offer those. Upfront pricing for rate plans that include the taxes and fees other networks tack on top of their price? Another T-Mobile ‘Un-carrier’ first. Unlimited music streaming, intelligent customer service, hassle-free upgrades, surplus data rollovers, and dozens more innovations? Month after month, year after year, T-Mobile has been relentlessly changing the game.

That makes T-Mobile a dream client for an advocacy platform like Buyapowa because their customers have got a lot to shout about. But it also made them incredibly hard to win over. When it was time to select a partner, T-Mobile applied exactly the same kind of rigorous questioning. Why should a referral platform be difficult to integrate with our existing workflows and systems? Is it really enough if advocates only refer one friend apiece? Can’t we offer customers a choice of reward instead of a one-size-fits-all compromise? How can any level of fraud or abuse be acceptable? Shouldn’t our customers be able to share via whatever messaging app or social network they choose? These were the kinds of questions that Buyapowa and all our competitors faced during a long and hard-fought selection process. We’re proud to say it: only we had the answers.

T-Mobile customers can take a look at the program right now and see just how special it is. Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of launching your own program – or of switching to a partner who can take your existing program to the next level – we’d love to hear from you.

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