L'Occitane formulate the perfect referral programme


For over 40 years, the world-famous cosmetics brand L'Occitane has elegantly walked the line between accessibility and luxury, equally at home on the high street as it is at some of the world's most exclusive hotels, such as the Four Seasons chain.

Now, they're injecting that same combination of openness and first-rate quality into their digital offering, by launching a refer-a-friend programme - powered by Buyapowa - which engages and equips their army of loyal fans to share their passion for the brand (and a special introductory offer) with their friends.

By using the world's most advanced referral marketing platform, L'Occitane will have access to a cutting-edge suite of features, including Buyapowa's powerful branding module, an in-depth analytics suite and our unique multiple-referral engine, plus exclusive omnichannel referral tools which enable friends to shop online, on mobile or even in-store without impacting the trackability of their referrals.

Find out what makes our platform so special by taking the tour. Or, if you'd like to know more about L'Occitane's cutting-edge new referral programme, just get in touch.

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Referral marketing: it's in the bag

Tesco | marked.no | Ocado | Billa

Click and collect, mobile apps, loyalty schemes, delivery subscriptions, referral programmes. When it comes to grocery, these things aren't luxuries anymore; they're essentials.

Of these, referral is quickly becoming one of the most important, with up to 8% of all online grocery transactions taking place after customers refer their friends.

That's a significant proportion, and it's why Billa - the number one supermarket chain in Austria, which also operates hundreds more stores across Europe - have partnered with Buyapowa to make sure that their customers are incentivised and equipped to get their friends shopping, too.

"Our objective with the referral scheme is to add a powerful tool as part of our CRM strategy while, at the same time, acquiring new customers using our loyal customer base. For us it’s a win-win-win situation for all involved."

Pascal Storer, eCommerce Digital Marketing Manager, Billa

Just like Tesco, Ocado and Norway's marked.no (all of whom chose our award-winning platform to power their referrals), Billa recognise that 80% of customers now expect their favourite brands to operate a referral programme. And, if they don't find one, there's a risk that a) those customers will shop elsewhere, and b) their friends may never

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Le parrainage digital en rayon

Tesco | marked.no | Ocado | Billa

Click and collect, applications mobiles, programmes de fidélité, livraison à domicile, parrainage digital : quand il est question de grande distribution ce n’est plus un luxe, c’est une nécessité.

Et le parrainage digital devient rapidement un levier marketing des plus importants, avec plus de 8% des ventes des grandes surfaces réalisées en ligne par des consommateurs parrainés.

C’est une proportion significative, c’est pourquoi Billa - la chaîne de supermarchés n°1 en Autriche, qui possède également une centaine de points de vente en Europe - s’est associé à Buyapowa pour s’assurer que leurs consommateurs soient motivés et équipés pour inviter leurs amis à acheter eux aussi.

"Notre objectif avec ce programme de parrainage est d’additionner un outil puissant à notre stratégie CRM pour assurer en parallèle l’acquisition de nouveaux consommateurs tout en valorisant notre base de consommateurs fidèles. Nous considérons que c’est une situation gagnant-gagnant pour tous les partis."

Pascal Storer, eCommerce Digital Marketing Manager, Billa

Tout comme Tesco, Ocado ou le norvégien Marked.no (qui ont choisi notre plateforme récompensée de parrainage digital), Billa a compris que 80% des consommateurs sont aujourd’hui en attente d’un programme de parrainage de

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La Science Du Parrainage Digital

La Science Du Parrainage Digital

Étant la plateforme de parrainage digital la plus avancée, nous passons nos journées à chercher ce qui motive les consommateurs à recruter pour leur marque préférée, et ce qui encourage leurs amis à acheter. Avec les années, nous avons acquis une richesse énorme de données.. l'heure est aux révélations.

Dans ce guide produit par notre labo d’ingénieurs, vous apprendrez quels canaux de partage, récompenses et incentives fonctionnent le mieux. Nous allons identifier les consommateurs qui parrainent le plus, le meilleur moment pour les inviter à s’engager et sous combien de temps leurs filleuls peuvent convertir. Nous en profiterons pour démystifier certaines idées préconçues au passage.

Toutes les données dans ce guide sont collectées des résultats et tendances à travers une centaine de nos clients sur les 12 mois qui précèdent Juin 2017.

Prêt ? Perdez-vous simplement dans les slides qui suivent.

Download as PDF (2.MB)

Si vous envisagez de lancer ou améliorer votre programme de parrainage, ou souhaitez simplement plus d’informations de la part de nos experts, prenez contact avec nous. Nous serions ravis de partager nos expériences avec vous.

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The science of referral marketing

The Science Of Referral Marketing

As the world’s most advanced referral marketing platform, we spend all day every day digging into what makes people share invites to their favourite brands and retailers and what makes their friends shop. Over the years, we’ve acquired a vast wealth of insight... now it’s time to share it with you.

In this dispatch from our labs, you’ll learn which sharing channels, rewards and incentives work best. We’ll identify which kinds of customers refer the most, the best time to get them involved and how long their referrals can take to come in. And we’ll debunk a myth or two along the way.

All the data in this guide is gathered from studying the results and trends across our hundreds of clients over the 12 months leading up to June 2017.

Ready? Just put your lab coat on and click through the slides below to get started...

Download as PDF (2.MB)

If you're thinking about launching or improving a referral programme, or you fancy even more insight from our experts, just get in touch. We've got a

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