River Island launches Friends with Benefits

River Island's new refer-a-friend programme

It's a big day for us here at Buyapowa, as we push the button on an exciting new refer-a-friend programme for the much-loved fashion retailer, River Island. This follows other high-profile launches for leading fashion brands including Zalando, ASOS, New Look and Gap.

For the past six decades, River Island has proudly maintained its place at the cutting edge of high street fashion, tracking trends in technology just as relentlessly as those in design. And it's that hunger to stay ahead that's led to their adoption of referral marketing - now the most effective form of new customer acquisition for fashion brands, both here in the UK and in the 18 other countries where River Island operate worldwide.

Friends are incentivised to shop

By using Buyapowa's ground-breaking refer-a-friend platform, River Island are now able to equip and inspire their army of customers to get their friends shopping. Everyone who does so will receive £10 off their next order, while those friends will be incentived to take the plunge via a trackable 20% saving against their first shop.

For more information about River Island's trend-setting programme, or to find out how the Buyapowa platform can transform your acquisition strategy, just get in touch.

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River Island se lance sur le parrainge digital

River Island's new refer-a-friend programme

C’est un grand jour pour Buyapowa, vous avons appuyé sur le bouton de lancement du nouveau programme de parrainage de la célèbre marque fashion River Island. Cela suit le lancement de marques et distributeurs leader sur cette industrie : Zalando, ASOS, New Look et GAP.

Depuis les 60 dernières années, River Island a fièrement maintenu sa position d’innovateur en prêt à porter, chasseur de nouvelles technologies autant que de nouvelles tendances. C’est cette appétence à garder une longueur d’avance qui les a conduits à adopter le parrainage digital - aujourd’hui canal d’acquisition le plus efficace pour l’industrie de la mode - que cela soit au UK ou dans parmi les 18 autres pays dans lesquels ils opèrent à l’international.

Friends are incentivised to shop

En utilisant la plateforme dernière génération Buyapowa, River Island est à présent à même d’équiper son armée de consommateurs passionnés, pour inviter leurs amis à acheter eux aussi. Les ambassadeurs qui paraîneront avec succès remporteront 10£ sur leur prochain achat, quand les filleuls seront incentivés par une offre trackable de 20% de remise sur leur premier achat.

Pour plus d’informations sur le programme River Island, ou en savoir plus sur la façon

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BT Mobile, Lebara and Three's Smarty all join the Buyapowa family

BT Mobile, Lebara and Smarty

Just last month, we announced the launch of a refer-a-friend programme for Vodafone's VOXI sub-brand. Today, we're delighted to announce that we'll be working with three further UK telecoms companies: BT Mobile, Lebara and Smarty - the brand new in-house MVNO from another of our clients, Three.

Each of these networks is highly distinct, with singular selling points: BT Mobile offers the UK's biggest 4G network, free wi-fi and perks such as BT Sport; Lebara specialises in international calling, offering packages including unlimited calls to 50 countries across the globe; while Smarty is one of a new breed of highly-targeted sub-brands with compelling features - in this case, a novel new approach to data, where any unused megabytes are refunded the following month.

For a number of years, Buyapowa has been the go-to referral marketing platform for the telecoms industry. Clients such as Three and O2 have benefitted enormously from our technology but, equally, we've benefitted from working with them - developing our understanding of the telecoms sector and its customers at a rate and to a degree which would never have been possible without such incredible hands-on experience. And it's that experience which enables our team of experts to

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Golden global: L'Occitane's referral programme rolls out internationally

L'Occitane's referral programme

Hot on the heels of their recent UK launch, L’Occitane are taking their refer-a-friend programme into five more countries across four continents. As the programme rolls out over the coming weeks, customers in France, Germany, the United States, Brazil and Japan will be equipped and incentivised to introduce their friends to the world-famous luxury beauty brand, earning rewards every time one of them shops.

The expansion reaffirms L’Occitane’s commitment to referral marketing - now the leading channel for acquisition - and to leveraging the passion of their existing customers in order to win over new ones. It’s also a tremendous vote of confidence in the Buyapowa platform, which powers the brand’s referral programme, and in the expert team behind it.

With over six years experience staging hundreds of referral programmes around the world, Buyapowa have been able to offer invaluable advice and guidance on referral within the beauty sector - garnered from working with brands including Feelunique, L’Oréal and A.S. Watson’s The Perfume Shop. Buyapowa’s experts have also been able to provide invaluable insight on the very different habits, trends and drivers influencing customers and their friends in each of these

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Les Trophées Ecommerce 2017 mettent en lumière la percée du parrainage digital en France

Le parrainage digital devient l’outil incontournable des marketers français, ce levier d’acquisition et de fidélisation aura par ailleurs été reconnu parmi les tendances innovantes lors de cette 11e édition des Trophées E-Commerce à Paris, ce mardi.

La plateforme de parrainage omni-canale Buyapowa a été récompensée comme l'initiative la plus remarquable de cette catégorie, en remportant la médaille d’or : le projet étant d’accompagner le déploiement de la marque FeelUnique en France via leur programme de parrainage dernière génération.

Aline Mezard, Country Manager France chez Buyapowa, partage :
« Nous sommes ravis que le jury composé de belles personnalités du Ecommerce, ait confirmé en nous attribuant la médaille d’or que le parrainage digital est à présent d’actualité sur le marché français. FeelUnique a ouvert la marche mi-2016 et nous sommes heureux de présenter aujourd’hui des références précurseurs telles que le Groupe Vivarte, L’Occitane, Conforama, la Française des Jeux, M6 Web, Kube. »

Consultez le slideshow EcommerceMag des Trophées ici.

Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur le parrainage digital et comment cela pourrait fonctionner pour votre marque, prenez contact avec nous !

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