I like the way you perk it: how Gap reinvented Friends & Family

Dress-down Fridays, free drinks and snacks, maybe even complimentary use of the corporate jet (you do have a corporate jet, right?) – those things are nice perks for the employees at your company, but let’s be honest: they do sweet FA for your bottom line.

You know what does, though? Having a Friends & Family programme. Not only do your staff get to flex their passion and knowledge about the products or services you offer, but they also get to feel super-cool passing on some savings to their nearest and dearest, and you get to acquire those people as brand new customers in the process. Win, win, win.

Except… no. Because, as brands are constantly telling us, this is what almost always ends up happening:

Maybe you or your colleagues have been there, dolling out eco-unfriendly paper coupons for your employees to share. And maybe you’ve struggled to measure the reach or the success, especially once those coupons go viral and the world and its deal-hunting wife start pretending they’ve got a pal who works your in accounts department.

Maybe your programme couldn’t run online; or maybe the opposite was true and potential customers couldn’t redeem their coupons in-store. Maybe it was impossible to cap the number of coupons each staffer could hand out (major yikes), and maybe you couldn’t reconcile confirmed acquisitions with the staffer who introduced them – making it impossible to reward your biggest advocates and super-charge their sharing.

Maybe you’re in exactly the same position as the fashion giant, Gap… before they turned to Buyapowa and our award-winning advocacy platform.

Together, we’ve dragged their ailing employee Friends & Family perk into the 21st Century, packing their new, digital programme with features they couldn’t have dreamt of having back in the days when they cobbled it all together manually. Drawing on everything from psychological principles to the very latest customer experience hacks, it’s completely revolutionised the way that Gap equip and empower their biggest cheerleaders: their amazing team of employees.

We think it’s the best employee Friends & Family programme in the world, but maybe you’re up for building something even more powerful. If you are, just get in touch. You’ll be in for a treat.

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