Celebrating 4 Years Across the Vodafone Group

4 years with Vodafone

Just over 4 years ago we began working with the Vodafone Group. Something we are immensely proud of, particularly as we are now represented across various different Pay as you go and Pay monthly mobile, Broadband, Fibre, SoHo and Business brands and segments and also across the United Kingdom, Ireland and The Netherlands.

It began in 2017, when a fantastic opportunity presented itself in the shape of VOXI, Vodafone’s first dedicated youth brand. Right from the beginning we knew that this was a match made in heaven, as we got to work with a dynamic and energetic team, with an entrepreneurial mindset that really believed in word of mouth marketing, and which committed to pushing the referral program across all customer touchpoints.

The success of VOXI’s referral program, right from the word go, soon led to more opportunities across Vodafone UK, starting with the Pay Monthly product, then Gigafast, Broadband, Vodafone’s own Pay as you go brand, Enterprise and then later to Vodafone Ireland with Vodafone X and broadband and latterly with Vodafone Ziggo.

The flexibility of our platform, allowing a tight integration with the different back end systems of the various parts of the Vodafone Group, means that Buyapowa can support many different and often complex conversion paths, distributing rewards and incentives according to the value of the contracts taken out by the referred-in customer and ensuring that no rewards are paid for fraudulent or self referrals, or for referrals that are later cancelled. Advanced analytics also allows the teams at Vodafone to see the performance of their programmes in real time, and Buyapowa’s team of dedicated and passionate referral experts are always on hand to assist with performance improvements, which is much appreciated as you can see in our Capterra reviews.

Buyapowa also allows a fully white label on-brand experience that can adapt to the needs of different business units, brands and sub-brands within the Group. And advanced features such as gamification, tiered rewards and triggers encourage Vodafone customers to refer again and again, ensuring ever increasing return on investment whether across B2C or B2B.

It’s been a great journey so far and one we hope will continue for years to come.

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