happ-e by ENGIE and Buyapowa team up to bring clean energy to French homes with refer-a-friend

happ-e and Buyapowa team up to bring clean energy to French homes with refer-a-friend

happ-e is a French energy provider created by ENGIE in 2014, and primarily intended for young people looking for simplicity and speed to take out an energy contract for their home.

It offers everything you need, no more, no less, and at the best price. It is a tailor-made brand, which adapts to the lives and needs of its customers.

Moving homes is generally filled with all kinds of formalities, like taking out an energy contract. But, happ-e offers a simplified and efficient method that saves you precious time: simply go to the site, enter the address of your new home, select the offer you want (such as electricity, gas or both) and upload a photo of your meter. It really is that simple. And thanks to the technology implemented by happ-e, your request is validated in just a few minutes, without any other constraint.

But, what if you haven’t moved and just want to change providers? No problem, happ-e has you covered again. It’s the same process: just a few clicks and a photo and you’re good to go.

Living as a couple or with roommates can be great fun but when it comes to splitting the energy bill, things can get complicated. happ-e has thought of you again, allowing you to split bills easily. With this innovative payment method, you no longer need to wrangle your roommates or significant other after having paid the entire bill to obtain their share; you can simply pay your share and entrust them with the payment of theirs. It is one-off, free and without obligation.

happ-e by ENGIE is also a firm believer in clean, green energy and is taking action by contributing to the development of renewable energies in France. With its new VERTELEC+ option, happ-e offers customers green energy that is 100% wind and 100% French.

With so much to love about them, they’ve decided to spread the word (and the love!) with a refer-a-friend programme. And we are delighted that they trusted us to set up this program!

If you would like to start your own referral program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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