Referral Marketing Best Practice (Part 1)

Referral Marketing Best Practice Part 1

When you’ve powered referral marketing programmes for over a hundred of the World’s leading brands and retailers, it’s really difficult to distill all you learned into a short document. That’s why our Referral Marketing Best Practice Guide, at 18 pages, might seem a little daunting. So, to offer you a lighter read, we have distilled some of the key elements into a series of three blog posts, starting here.

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The importance of friend incentives in referrals according to Harvard University et al

What harvard can teach you about referral incentives

Sometimes clients and prospects ask us whether they really need to give an incentive to a referred friend. As if giving an incentive will attract the wrong type of bargain hunting customer? Or, where you feel your product or service is high quality, then surely the recommendation of the friend should be enough? Particularly, if your service is invite-only, like a private shopping club.

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Why ethical fashion is made for referral marketing

The days when consumers would support brands without knowing anything about them are over. The internet has made it easier than ever to learn about the ethics and practices of companies which consumers support. Companies with track records of ethical missteps or questionable policies can’t hide those blunders anymore. Instead, they bear the brunt of bad social media buzz, which can have a very real impact on their stock prices and overall reputations.

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