Refer-a-friend for telecoms: video

Acquiring new customers is tough. But it doesn’t need to be any more, due to the huge advances in referral marketing technology.

Dozens of telecoms brands around the world are now benefitting from the award-winning Buyapowa platform, which has now generated over a billion euros of lifetime value.

It plugs seamlessly into your existing website, app or even into your store’s point of sale system. Simply turn it on and it incentivises and equips existing customers to engage, to share and to acquire new ones for your business. That means more new contracts, more pay as you go sim activations and even a measurable drop in churn - as successful referrers are significantly less likely to switch networks in the first six months after introducing a friend.

Here’s how Telefónica's O2 use Buyapowa’s platform to get their existing customers recruiting their friends. Enjoy the video!


If you would like to know more, just drop us a line or simply book a demo.

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Acquiring new customers is tough. But imagine if 20% of them could be acquired as the result of an intro from an existing customer. That’s the kind of result being achieved by companies using Buyapowa’s introduce-a-friend platform.

It plugs seamlessly into your existing website or app. Simply turn it on and it incentivises and equips existing customers to engage, to share and to acquire new ones for your business. Again and again and again. Here’s how the leading fashion retailer, River Island, use Buyapowa’s platform to get their existing shoppers recruiting their friends. Enjoy the video


If you would like to know more then drop us a line or simply book a demo.

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Personalised marketing is an illusion. Unless....

Personalised marketing is an illusion. If we ever really had personalised marketing, then the closest we ever got to it was the apocryphal small town storekeeper of yesteryear who would know each and every customer by name, know what was happening in their lives at any given point and would be able to make well-intentioned product recommendations for each of them individually.

Most of the readers of this article will be too young to know if that situation ever really existed, although we could ask our grandmothers. But if it ever did, then it would have relied on two key elements. Firstly, in a small town where everyone knows everyone, the local shopkeeper was probably as close to a real friend of the shopper as is possible in a commerce situation – that is, if he or she was not actually a friend. Secondly, in a situation where there was probably only one store in each small town, the local shopkeeper really did see and know every purchase that each shopper made.

Why personalised marketing is so difficult today

If we fast forward to the modern day, you quickly realise just how impossible that situation is to replicate today. Firstly, while

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How referral marketing can navigate around the adblocking problem

Nothing works like it used to, things that were free now cost lots of money, and things that were affordable no longer are. Such is the dilemma of a modern marketer.

The rise of ad blocking was a standout feature of 2015, a year which saw the release of Apple's iOS 9, the launch of the AdBlock browser on Android, and Adobe and PageFair forecast that it cost publishers up to $22 billon in lost ad revenue.

This is set against a backdrop of a number of challenges for publishers, including ever declining email open rates, the rise of ‘dark social’, paywalls on social networks reducing organic social to near zero, the trend towards delayed TV watching, Google’s continued assaults on the whole concept of SEO, banner blindness, paid search, affiliate goes on and on. Each of these, both individually and combined, makes it harder than ever to get marketing messages in front of a target audience.

For those who just can’t see beyond ‘interruption advertising’, the knee-jerk response is simply to shift ad spending to other media more impervious to ad blocking like pre-rolls on You-Tube and Facebook video and mobile newsfeed ads, paid product

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The Miracle Cure for Your Black Friday Hangover


After The Party...The Hangover!

Well as parties go, this year’s Black Friday weekend was ‘one huge sales party’!

We are not going to bore you by repeating all the stats about how many billion dollars of sales were made, how many million parcels need to be delivered or what was the average response time for the Argos or Target website. Let’s suffice it to say that US$4.4bn spent online in the US and £1.1bn spent online in the UK is a big party in anyone’s vocabulary.

But like all good parties the morning after normally starts with a hangover as you try and piece together what happened the night before.  And the bigger the party...... the bigger the hangover.

If you are a retailer you will still be busy for a few days trying to get all those parcels out and working out how to deal with the inevitable returns. But there is a moment on the horizon you are dreading, in effect this moment is going to be the ‘mother of all your hangovers’.

That moment is going to be like someone throwing a jug of ice cold water over your poor

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