11 proven ways of increasing referrals from your customers

Here are 11 tips to encourage customer referrals to your brand

Before we offer tips on how to encourage customer referrals, we imagine you’ve already tried banner ads, sponsored Facebook posts and Google pay-per-click ads and perhaps are a little dismayed at the lackluster return on your investment.  It’s likely that your digital marketing efforts to-date increase visitors to your e-commerce site or provide a slight boost in revenue, but now you’re asking yourself: how can you grow your consumer engagement and get noticeable results that boost your bottom line? This blog article gives you an answer to that question.

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How cosmetics Brands can Jenner-ate more income

Source: Kylie Cosmetics

The past decade has seen a rapid rise in the of selling products online through ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, and WooCommerce, which has made it easier than ever to launch products to a wide audience without having to invest in costly venues or stores. Companies who develop and sell their own products have never had more opportunity to bring their products to market. Because of this availability and affordability, the number of brands is inclining the quickest it ever has.

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How Nine 7-Figure E-commerce Companies Scaled Their Customer Acquisition Channels

When you’re looking to scale your customer acquisition channels in order to grow your business, it can be tough to know in advance which platform will bring your site enough high-converting traffic to make a difference to your bottom line.

Even if you have killer content on your site and blog and you study your site analytics – so you know exactly which channel is bringing in the money – the question is how you get more and better traffic. Finding new channels inevitably involves some testing and learning, but you can always new test channels faster, be more flexible, and leverage existing customer data to plan your next testing hypotheses more efficiently.

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Affiliate vs Influencer vs Referral Programs

The pros and cons of affiliate, influencer and referral marketing

At Buyapowa, we see many digital marketers wondering what is the difference between affiliate, influencer and referral programs and which is best to help boost sales via word-of-mouth.

While all of these can be genuine forms of word-of-mouth marketing (although affiliate marketing may have nothing to do with word of mouth, and can be can be click arbitrage or other forms of marketing etc.) they differ from each other in a number of ways. For retailers just starting out, the terms can be easy to mix up. And even experienced marketers can struggle to understand the best time to implement such a program and the relative benefits of each. So which program is best for your business?

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T-Mobile offers shares in the company as rewards for referrals

T-Mobile offers stock for referrals

Major US wireless carrier T-Mobile took another step forward in its quest to be more customer-centric in early June 2016 by giving away a T-Mobile Share (TMUS) to every single one of its customers. More accurately, every single T-Mobile subscriber line earns a share through T-Mobile’s “Stock Up” marketing program, promoted with a flashy “Stock Up” campaign on social media. T-Mobile will also offer its customers a share for every new customer that they refer to the carrier. So, for every new T-Mobile subscriber that joins as a result of a customer referral, T-Mobile will grant the advocate one share in the company, with the ability for subscribers to earn up to 100 shares a year. The company is apparently paying face value for the share that it is distributing to its new shareholders, and the company estimated there would initially be around 1 million shares issued through the program. And those shares might be worth something. T-Mobile’s stock price has had a good run over the past few years, and some analysts believe they are considered ripe for acquisition by their competitors. Unlike industry giant Verizon, their stock has grown almost 150% in the last five years, when other carriers have remained in the doldrums. T-Mobile has been working hard over the past three to four years to grow its market share in the US. After trailing in fourth place behind Verizon, AT&T and Sprint for a few years, 2015 marked the year that T-Mobile displaced Sprint and moved into third place behind AT&T with just over 16% market share in Q3 of 2015. Consumer Reports recently ranked T-Mobile as the Number 1 national carrier based on the publication’s readers’ sentiments about carrier value, voice quality, text services, data speeds and customer support. Heady days for Team Magenta indeed. This new referral program comes with a new twist, and we like it. Many wireless carriers offer referral programs today. In the interest of full disclosure, Buyapowa offers referral programs for wireless carriers across the US and Canada. Our clients typically offer compelling rewards to advocates when referrals turn into new customers. These rewards take many forms, from pre-paid credit cards to third-party vouchers to account credits where the reward funds are credited to the user’s account. That last method has the benefit of placing the reward money back into the subscriber’s account and into the coffers of the carrier itself. Many wireless subscribers don’t track their wireless account bill every month and sometimes there can be a mental disconnect between the act of making a referral (advocating for the brand) and the event of receiving the reward – when that reward is paid directly into an account, out of sight and mind of the consumer. It's important to identify the best times to ask for a customer to refer you to their friends and family The idea of a referral reward being something different from a cash to an account credit is always interesting. Some brands — like Tesla and others — offer unique rewards in order to pique the interest of the consumer. Some research has shown that consumers are not always stimulated by the reward value itself,

but often how it is presented

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