48 takes word-of-mouth to the next level with Buyapowa

48 Ireland chooses Buyapowa to power their refer-a-friend

It’s our great pleasure to announce the launch of the Irish mobile network 48’s enhanced recruit and reward programme – powered by Buyapowa.

48 launched back in 2012 as Ireland’s first youth focused, truly digital mobile brand and revamped itself in 2020 bringing new plans to the market that challenged the conventional wisdom of the market. While their coverage – underpinned by the powerhouse network Three – is second-to-none, their perk-filled plans quickly won a special place in the hearts of young mobile customers across Ireland. 

Now, delivering even more value, 48 customers and their friends who join the family will receive a free month’s membership. Not only does that give 48 the opportunity to improve its customer offering even further, it also grows engagement with a young and overwhelmingly digital-first audience across the country.

If you’re keen to see more, just take a look at 48’s stellar new referral programme. And, if you fancy leveraging your own happy customers to help you land new customers via a refer-a-friend programme of your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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