The science of referral marketing

The Science Of Referral Marketing

As the world’s most advanced referral marketing platform, we spend all day every day digging into what makes people share invites to their favourite brands and retailers and what makes their friends shop. Over the years, we’ve acquired a vast wealth of insight… now it’s time to share it with you.

In this dispatch from our labs, you’ll learn which sharing channels, rewards and incentives work best. We’ll identify which kinds of customers refer the most, the best time to get them involved and how long their referrals can take to come in. And we’ll debunk a myth or two along the way.

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How to offer discounts without trashing your brand

How to use discounts without trashing your brand

“The only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself,” said William Churchill and, given that he reputedly drank 42,000 bottles of Pol Roget champagne in his lifetime, you’d hope there’s some truth in that. Here’s a little nugget of purest nonsense we stumbled upon recently, based on research carried out by The Logic Group and Ipsos MORI.

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Turn on your Facebook (*shocking stats inside*)

Shocking Facebook Stats

Some amazing stats from the Mediabistro AllFacebook Marketing Conference this morning, where Vincent Sider, VP of Social Media for the BBC’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, bemoaned the impact of Facebook’s new EdgeRank algorithms. For anyone who’s not run into this problem, Facebook recently tweaked its backend settings to prevent so much corporate content from reaching Fans’ News Feeds. As a consequence, some brands’ posts are now reportedly seen by as few as 6% of their Fans. Yep, just six percent. Pretty hard to get return on that investment.

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Two thirds of bosses think their marketing team “continuously fail”

Two thirds of bosses think their marketing team

Do you work in marketing? Well, sorry to break the bad news, but chances are your CEO thinks you’re a waste of space and only keeps you around out of a sense of “tradition”. That somewhat brutal insight comes from research recently published by the Fournaise Group, and it doesn’t end there.  Other hard to swallow home truths state that:

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Gamification: here’s how to make it work

Gamification: It's What Makes Social Soar

We’ve noticed quite a few people talking about “gamification” recently – some of it (perhaps wilfully) reductive, some of it a little too inclusive (are road signs _really _“gamification at its finest”, Mashable?). But the common thread seems to be an agreement that an interactive layer of incentives, goals and rewards is the hot new thing in social marketing. And, if your company’s not playing its customers off against each other to ratchet up the buzz, you’ll be going out of business quicker than you can pass go (without collecting £200).

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