Building the business case for referral marketing

Brands supercharged by referral marketing

What can referral marketing bring to your business?

Maybe you’re wondering what a well run and managed referral program could bring to your business? Perhaps you’ve seen some breathtaking headlines in the press and wonder how that can be true? Maybe you even tried and failed with referral marketing before and are a little sceptical about whether it can work for your business? Maybe you’re just a natural born sceptic, and that’s fine? A little bit of scepticism never does any harm. But whatever your case, we thought we’d document some of the case studies of referral marketing success and provide examples of what a well run and managed referral program can achieve.

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Why you need to jump towards referral marketing

Brands need to leap towards referral marketing and add it to their digital marketing mix

You’ve heard of the boiling frog theory, right? Put a frog in boiling water and it’ll jump right out. But put it in cold water, then slowly bring that water to boil, and Mr. Frog will happily sit there until he’s cooked to death.

It’s completely wrong, of course. Put a frog anywhere and it’ll jump out – that’s just what frogs do – but, as a metaphor, the boiling frog theory’s pretty helpful. Because, as people, we act like boiling frogs all the time: unaware that the circumstances surrounding us are getting more urgent, but failing to do anything about it until it’s too late.

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