Do you know your referral codes from your referral links?

Can you tell the difference between a referral code and a referral link?

We’ve talked before about what referral tracking is and why it’s important but, as always, there’s more to it than what we covered in that blog. As we covered in that blog, however, referral tracking is an integral part of the referral process. And when done properly, it gives you the ability to quickly and cleanly reconcile referrals, track referrer activity and behaviour and accurately measure the performance of your program, which allows you to optimize and maximize the benefits.

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What is referral tracking and why is it so important?

Deciding to launch a referral marketing programme is the easy part. It’s one of the most effective way of acquiring new customers, given that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above advertising and referral has a lower cost per acquisition than other channels. But once you’ve decided to add a refer-a-friend scheme to your marketing mix, you first need to do be clear what your goals are.

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