The Phone Casino brings referral to mobile gaming, the UK's leading smart phone casino operator, has partnered with Buyapowa to boost customer acquisition for its 294 exclusive mobile slot, scratch card, bingo, blackjack, Keno and casino style games.

By integrating the Buyapowa Refer-a-Friend platform into its customers' mobile experience, now enables customers to refer friends by email, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS or any digital platform of choice, directly from their smart phones. In order to encourage friends to try's games, each referred friend gets an introductory offer of a £10 cash credit and 100 free spins. For each friend who creates an account and deposits at least £10, the referrer will also earn a £10 cash credit. And to encourage customers to keep referring, an additional £25 cash credit is awarded to any customer who successfully refers 5 friends.

Gideon Lask, Founder and CEO of Buyapowa said "ThePhoneCasino wanted to make referrals a natural part of their customers' mobile user journey. This not only meant enabling intrinsic mobile sharing behaviour such as via SMS, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, but also ensuring that the experience was completely in line with the brand's look and feel across all mobile devices.

By choosing to partner

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O2 Invite-A-Friend Launch Video

When Telefonica's O2 decides to empower and reward its happy customers for talking to their friends, family and colleagues about the services it offers, then that surely merits a closer look?

If you haven't already seen O2's new Tell-a-Friend Scheme, the short walk-through below will show you how it works.

Enjoy the video!

O2 is just one of many leading brands and retailers that have put their trust in the Buyapowa referral marketing solution. If you'd like to see some case studies, or if you fancy a full demo of our platform, we'd love to hear from you .

Just drop us a line and we can share what we have learned about referral marketing from working with over 100 of the World's leading brands and retailers!

See Recent Buyapowa Client Activity:

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O2 Lance son programme de parrainage VIDEO

Lorsque O2 de Telefonica décide de chouchouter et récompenser ses heureux consommateurs pour avoir parlé à leurs amis, famille et collègues des services et offres de l’opérateur, cela ne mérite t’il d’y jeter un oeil de plus près ?

Si vous n’avez pas encore consulté le nouveau programme de parrainage O2, la petite vidéo ci-dessous vous explique son fonctionnement.

A tout à l’heure !

O2 est l’un des opérateurs leaders qui aura fait confiance à la plateforme de parrainage Buyapowa. Si vous souhaitez consulter d’autres études de cas, ou préféreriez une une démonstration complète de l’outil nous serions ravi d’avoir de vos nouvelles.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter et nous partagerons avec plaisir nos connaissance concernant le marketing de recommandation pour avoir travaillé avec plus d’une centaines de marques et distributeurs a travers le monde !

Voir l’activité récente des clients de Buyapowa:

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It's good to talk...

Old fashioned phone

...but even better to get your customers to talk to their friends about you!

So you are a senior marketing executive in telecoms. And whether that is in mobile, fixed line or Internet access, you have exactly the same issue as every other telecoms marketer.

It is quite simply that you are all competing for the same customers who can get more or less the same data and voice services from a whole host of players. And they can also get the same iPhones, Android phones or routers from any of those players too!

In other words, you are working in the nearest thing to a commodity industry there is in technology.

How Do You Stand Out from the Competition?

You could discount your voice and data prices or reduce the price of those iPhones, but you know that your competitors will follow with a steeper price cut before the virtual ink is dry on your promotional banners.

Instead you might just try and grab the attention of all those people searching for 'mobile phones' on Google. But affiliate and paid search costs are high and constantly rising. And organic search is dominated by price comparison engines that claim to

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Can social selling help telcos win the acquisition war?


150 years after the American Civil War, there’s another showdown brewing in the US of A. But this time, it’s not being fought with bowie knives and Colt revolvers, it’s being fought with tweets and hashtags.

“#Jerks”, says John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile - firing a broadside at AT&T. “We’re coming for your spot,” he snarls, menacing top dogs, Verizon. “Crap network,” he sneers, lobbing a hand grenade at Sprint.

So far, his opposite numbers have largely remained above the fray. But this response - and its accompanying image - from Sprint’s newbie CEO, Marcelo Claure, is more than telling:

“I just finished my second week as CEO of @sprint and all these were my assignments. All completed!!!”


Which referral gimmicks does he mean? I’m pretty sure he’s talking about T-Mo’s “Refer-a-Friend” programme, which offers unlimited 4G data plus a $25 voucher to anyone recruiting a pal.

Now, there’s nothing unusual about the campaign - referral programmes are ten a penny - but the tone is unapologetically aggressive. And Legere’s rhetoric which surrounded its launch was doubly so. Having previously accused his rivals of “raping” their customers (casually

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