Would you recommend your bank to a friend?

Three Financial Services Referral Programs

This article first appeared in Global Banking and Finance.

Well, the answer is clearly yes if you listen to the NPS reported by leading banks, which according to Customergauge listed these scores for for 2022:

  • First Republic Bank: 72
  • first direct: 66
  • ING Luxembourg: 63
  • American Express Bank: 52
  • Royal Bank of Scotland: 51
  • etc.

When the question is “how likely are you to recommend us on a scale of 0 to 10” and where, according to Bain & Company, any score above zero is good, above 50 is excellent and above 80 World Class, clearly these and many other financial institutions have a pool of potential brand ambassadors ready and willing to advocate for the bank within their circles of social influence.

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first direct takes its referral programme to the next level with Buyapowa

first direct

It’s hard to believe that 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of HSBC’s first direct hitting the scene. But, three decades before the challenger banks, fintech disruptors and open-banking of today’s landscape, there it was – changing everything with 24/7/365 always-open phone banking. And first direct has continued to innovate ever since, leading the way with online banking, SMS banking, mobile banking and even next-gen wizzbangery such as voice recognition to help verify customers’ identities.

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