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Use trusted affiliates to influence your audiences and drive their engagement

Create and manage bespoke programs to use with your most important affiliate partners.

Elements of data from the Buyapowa Referrer Dashboard

How it works


Curate affiliate partners

Handpick perfectly-suited affiliates who would benefit from a closer relationship with your brand.


Configure rewards

Give each affiliate partner compensation packages in line with their level of influence. You can also tailor custom rewards for their audiences.


Set triggers and rules

Determine the actions that audiences must take to earn rewards for both themselves and the affiliate partner. Offer a choice of rewards that reflects the value of each transaction.


Configure reward CRM

Get the right look and feel for your CRM program, using words and imagery that strikes a chord with audiences. You can start from scratch or work with our experts to craft something beautiful.


Automated Rewards

To get rewards, you’ve got to earn rewards. Our automated distribution system makes sure that rewards only go to deserving parties who’ve satisfied all your business rules.


Rewards distribution

Buyapowa distributes rewards to every consumer who takes the desired action(s) and to the affiliates that influenced those actions. Buyapowa can quickly integrate with your email domain or you can use our own.


Analyze impact

Track the performance of your affiliate programs through the Buyapowa portal. Our experts are always on hand to help your team and to provide insight.

Our solutions make it effortless to continually tweak and improve your campaign, maximising engagement with your audience.


Unlock Exposure

Expand the reach of your brand and gain exposure to key affiliates’ audiences and networks.

Exclusive Offers

You’ve worked hard to build your brand’s reputation. Protect the price perception of your products or services by restricting offers to select audiences.

increased credibiilty

Increase the credibility and attractiveness of your brand with custom landing pages and eye-catching customer rewards.

Build affiliate partnerships and open up a world of possibilities