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Weave attention-grabbing rewards into your advertising campaigns.

Entice audiences and make your campaigns more impactful.
Offer of US$50 Reward for Joining

How it works


Configure rewards

Create custom rewards for different media campaigns and channels, or for individual sponsorship partners.


Set triggers and rules

Determine the action(s) audiences must take to earn their rewards. You can also flex those rewards in line with the type or value of each transaction.


Configure reward CRM

Get the right look and feel for your CRM program, using tailored words and imagery to excite your audiences. You can start from scratch or work with our experts to craft something beautiful.


Automated Rewards

Our automated systems make sure that only deserving parties, who’ve earned rewards by following your rules, will receive them. Sit back and relax, Buyapowa has it covered.


Rewards distribution

Buyapowa distributes rewards to every consumer who takes the desired action(s) and, optionally, to the media channel or sponsorship partner involved. Buyapowa can quickly integrate with your email domain or you can use our own.


Analyze impact

Track the performance of your advertising or sponsorship program through the Buyapowa portal. Our experts are always on hand to guide you and give powerful insights.

Our solutions make it effortless to continually tweak and improve your campaign, maximising engagement with your audience.


Engage Audiences

Make waves with your advertising creative, craft engaging CTAs and reward customers who take any desired action.

Uphold Perceptions of Quality

Protect the pricing of your brand, products or services by limiting offers to intended audiences. We want to reward your customers and also maintain exclusivity.

Acquire Quality Customers

Achieve your sponsorship goals beyond brand awareness and into the realm of high-volume, measurable customer acquisition.

Ready to transform awareness into actions?