Platform tour

Buyapowa’s dedicated tools to drive acquisitions via employees and influencers are redefining the world of advocacy. But our core refer-a-friend platform continues to set the gold standard for customer-get-customer marketing. Here's how it works.

Audience engagement

Once our platform is plugged in, you’ll have a new refer-a-friend section.

It can be promoted via automatic emails triggered whenever a customer shops, contextual site overlays, personalised delivery inserts and many other methods. It can even be embedded into your app or your customers’ account areas.

Contextual sharing

We give your fans and customers unique trackable URLs to share with their friends.

To help, we provide a smart suite of tools - including email, social and mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp and SMS - which automatically adapts to their demographic, device and location.

Customer acquisition

When a friend clicks one of these unique URLs, we collect a customisable set of details before giving them an incentive to shop.

No matter how they transact - online, on mobile, over the phone or even in-store - Buyapowa tracks their conversion and attributes the referral back to the original sharer.

Smart rewards

The moment a friend checks out, the Buyapowa platform performs a series of checks to authenticate the referral.

These may include a cooling-off period for cancellations and returns, or a credit check validation. Once authenticated, the platform delivers a reward to the referee, while our multi-referral engine inspires more and more sharing.

Management interface

Meanwhile, your team can test and refine your programme via a powerful interface.

It gives them full control over the rewards and incentives on offer, allows them to customise the design and creative, and offers a wealth of performance metrics, from sales figures to filterable demographics.