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First-class referral programme software

As the only referral programme for all types of enterprise businesses (including those within regulated industries), we deliver fully-compliant, secure and flexible advocacy programs that can be deployed anywhere in the world. From customer referral programmes to employee advocacy programmes, we're able to boost acquisition, accelerate sales and nurture loyalty for your business.

Latest innovations

Share to Instagram

We’ve solved one of the biggest challenges facing all referral and advocacy platforms: how to help advocates share via Instagram, where linking to an external URL generally isn’t possible

Buyapowa offers the most comprehensive - and the most effective - suite of referral programme tools in the market. Here are just a few of the powerful features our clients enjoy:

Highly configurable programmes

Your advocate marketing programmes should be every bit as unique as your brand. At Buyapowa, we make that easy.

  • Full omnichannel capability

  • Run multiple programmes

  • Multiple journey flows

  • Referral status tracking

  • Email automation

  • SMS and reminders

  • Multiple language and region support

  • Invisible registration and login

  • Single Sign-On

  • Open REST API

  • Webhooks

Flexible integration

In your website, on your mobile site, even within your app. Wherever you want your advocate programme to live, Buyapowa can take it there.

  • Integration with any website

  • REST API for direct integration

  • App integration

  • Optimised for mobile

  • Accessibility support

  • Hosted solution available

Intelligent fraud detection and defence

We offer a unique range of security measures, designed to ensure that you only ever pay out rewards and incentives to genuine advocates and their friends, fans and followers.

Advocate verification
Secure reconciliation of transactions
Self-referral detection
Abuse detection, blocking and banning
Rate limiting and alerting
IP address filtering
Sharing experiences that matter

Frictionless sharing experiences, designed around how your advocates invite their friends and followers.

  • Personalisable sharing links for referrers

  • Trustworthy sharing links to your domain

  • Native mobile sharing via any app

  • GDPR compliant email sharing

  • Social media sharing, including Instagram

  • Private sharing via SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

Analytics and recommendations

With detailed reporting, plus access to our experts, you’ll get everything you need to examine, manage and optimise your programme.

  • AB testing

  • Programme performance reports

  • Smart recommendations to drive growth

  • API access to reports

  • Export csv / xls

  • UTM source tracking

  • Event, cookie & voucher tracking

  • Hands-on guidance from our experts

Data security and compliance

The Buyapowa platform was built with global enterprise brands in mind, so you can rely on our first class procedures and a painless procurement process.

ISO 27001 certified
Data encrypted in transit with TLS 1.2
Data encrypted at rest with AES-256
Secure, compliant data centres
Data residency choices
Enterprise SLAs
Collect marketing permissions
GDPR compliant
CASL compliant
CAN-SPAM compliant
CCPA compliant
COS2 compliant
Unsubscribe API
GDPR right to be forgotten API
Rewards and incentives

From gift cards to loyalty points (and everything in between), the Buyapowa platform can handle it all.

  • Fully configurable business rules

  • Loyalty points & account credit

  • Coupon & voucher codes

  • Third-party gift cards / credit

  • Scannable In-store vouchers

  • Multiple tracking systems

  • Flexible reward types

  • Intelligent rewards reflect acquisition value

  • Automated reward distribution

  • Cooling-off-period support

  • Configurable payout cycle

  • Fully managed reward service available

Programme management tools

Take control with the Buyapowa portal, or simply let your dedicated account manager do it all for you.

  • User-friendly CMS

  • Voucher management

  • Referral status tracking

  • Customer lookup tool

  • Dedicated expert account manager

  • Fully managed service available

  • Offsite customer support service available

On-brand experience

We never put ourselves between you, your advocates and their audiences. That’s why our platform is 100% white-labelled and endlessly customisable.

  • Zero Buyapowa branding

  • Fully configurable design templates

  • Custom branding: fonts, colours and more

  • Bespoke email templates

  • Branded sharing URLs

  • Emails sent via your domain

  • Embeddable in your website and your app

  • Rest API integration

83% of people want to be able to refer their friends. We'll help you help them.

No matter how complex your needs, we have the flexibility, the expertise, the capacity and the global reach to tackle any challenge.

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