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We work with large organisations who have big challenges and even bigger ambitions. Here are just some of the results our clients are enjoying with the Buyapowa platform.

  • 7.7x

    Conversion Rate

    Referred-in friends are almost eight times as likely to shop as other website visitors.

  • 47%

    Avg. order value (friend)

    Referred-in customers spend almost 50% more than traditionally acquired ones.

  • 37%

    Avg. order value (referrer)

    Referrers spend significantly more themselves after successfully introducing a friend.

  • BT use the Buyapowa platform to boost acquisitions and engage existing customers across their entire portfolio: including their broadband and mobile products.

  • Despite spending up to $1.2bn annually on technology, Expedia chose to use the best-in-class Buyapowa platform instead of building a referral solution in-house.

  • Vodafone aren't just using the Buyapowa platform to acquire new 4G / 5G customers, they're also using it to launch their brand new Gigafast Broadband product.

  • Bulk Powders employ Buyapowa's technology in 12 international territories (and counting!), making the most of its status as the only global advocacy platform.

  • 1.4x

    Frequency of shop

    Referred-in customers shop much more frequently than traditionally acquired customers.

  • 26%

    Likelihood to churn

    Customers with contracts are less likely to churn in the six months after referring a friend.

  • 10x

    Return on investment

    Buyapowa clients typically see a 10-fold return on investment against our platform fees.

Just some of the international brands we're proud to call our clients:

83% of people want to be able to refer their friends. We'll help you help them.

No matter how complex your needs, we have the flexibility, the expertise, the capacity and the global reach to tackle any challenge.

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