Zizzi top: a multichannel first for the casual dining industry

We’re delighted to announce the national launch of Zizzi’s ground-breaking referral programme, following a successful trial earlier this year. As of today, Zizzi customers will be able to recommend the award-winning Italian restaurant chain to their friends and family and, thanks to Buyapowa’s unique multi-channel referral system, Zizzi will be able to track successful referrals the moment those friends settle their bills in one of their 144 branches across the UK.

It’s an exciting next step for Zizzi and for the casual dining sector as a whole – a sector that understands the value of incentives when it comes to acquiring new customers, but is looking for an alternative to the indiscriminate way discount codes are pumped out by affiliate giants like vouchercloud and VoucherCodes. Ideally, these codes would only ever get picked up by customers who were going to eat elsewhere but, in the real world, they often cannibalise visits that were already going to happen (even ones that have already been booked), skimming away profits and eating into margins in the process.

Zizzi cleverly looked at the way brands like Uber and airbnb became multi-billion-dollar businesses by using a totally different way of distributing codes, and they’ve changed their approach accordingly. By using Buyapowa’s state-of-the-art referral platform to get existing customers incentivising their friends to visit – just as Uber encourages its riders to introduce their friends – they’re not only achieving unprecedented numbers of incremental acquisitions, they’re also growing loyalty, bringing diners back into their restaurants and spending more than ever.

And, by making full use of Buyapowa’s multi-referral tools – including a gamification layer where the most influential customer can win a free meal for them and their friends – Zizzi will also be able to ensure that their biggest advocates achieve not just one but many referrals apiece.

If you are wondering how you get online word of mouth to deliver traffic in-store for your business then drop us a line and we’ll show you how.

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