VTR chooses Buyapowa to power their referral programme

VTR chooses Buyapowa to power their referral program

Founded way back in 1928 before being acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary by Liberty Latin America in 2017, VTR — also known as Vía Trans Radio — is one of Chile’s largest telecommunications companies, the leading provider of subscription television and internet throughout the country.

As VTR states on their website, they are a “company 100% connected to the needs of its customers,” and promise to continuously update and improve their offer and service based on the needs of their users across the country, ensuring that they always deliver the best available technology with the goal of ensuring their customers are always connected and entertained.

With a commitment to their customers, outstanding offers and unbeatable service throughout Chile, it’s no surprise that the company boasts millions of satisfied, passionate and loyal customers. And, with word-of-mouth being the best acquisition channel for valuable new customers, VTR has wisely decided to launch a refer-a-friend programme; using rewards and incentives to turn their millions of happy customers into an army of evangelists that can refer the telecom to their friends and family so they can enjoy everything VTR has to offer.

And we couldn’t be more excited to be the ones VTR has chosen to power that refer-a-friend programme!

If you’re interested in launching a referral programme to acquire valuable new customers like VTR, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to help!

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