X-cellent news from Vodafone and Buyapowa

Vodafone X refer a friend

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Vodafone X’s brand new refer-a-friend programme, powered by Buyapowa.

Vodafone X has been offering young people in Ireland an incredible package of perks ever since its launch in 2017. Now, in addition to unlimited data and weekend calls, plus unique access to free online courses and creative studio spaces, Vodafone X customers and their friends will each receive a €20 Amazon voucher every time those friends activate and maintain a new account.

It’s not only a great offer, it’s also a really smart way for Vodafone to access networks of students in Ireland – something that’s been increasingly difficult to do since the Covid-19 pandemic made onsite campus visits and promotions impossible.

If you fancy a closer look, just take a look at Vodafone’s exciting new programme. And, if you’re interested in tapping into pre-existing networks of potential customers and launching something similar, just get in touch.

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