Two thirds of bosses think their marketing team “continuously fail”

Two thirds of bosses think their marketing team

Do you work in marketing? Well, sorry to break the bad news, but chances are your CEO thinks you’re a waste of space and only keeps you around out of a sense of “tradition”. That somewhat brutal insight comes from research recently published by the Fournaise Group, and it doesn’t end there.  Other hard to swallow home truths state that:

  • 69% of CEOs admitted that, over time, they had stopped imposing specific business-focused KPOs and KPIs for marketers to achieve.

  • 67% of CEOs admitted they may be guilty of not holding marketers accountable enough (or at all).

  • They expect [little] more of marketing than branding, look-good / feel-good ads and running promotions.

However – and this one’s a little more positive, so we can stop with the dramatic bullet points – 20% of CEOs do consider their marketers to be ROI-oriented and these are the ones they plan on “grooming for bigger things”.

As ever, then, ROI is everything in the real world. We already discussed earlier this week how pointless it is just to chase ‘Likes’, but let’s broaden that out to all soft metrics – brand awareness, media impressions, social reach, online sharing. At the end of the day, someone’s going to say: “Yep, very nice – but is anyone actually buying?”

We’ve always understood this at buyapowa, which is why our all Co-buying tools are built not just around social media but around social commerce. We can measure propensity to buy. We can measure the pounds, shillings and pence of incremental sales for each and every social share. We can convert your lurking ‘Likes’ into consuming customers. We’ll show ROI because we _drive _ROI.

So, do your CEO a favour and get in touch. Someone needs to put a smile back on their face, pronto…

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