The saddest Facebook page in the world

The saddest Facebook page in the world

If ever proof were needed that Facebook Likes are essentially meaningless, just visit Mitt Romney’s Page and repeatedly hit ‘refresh’. You’ll see what we’ve illustrated in the pic above: his ‘Likes’ are visibly dropping in real time.

We’ve never seen that before, and it almost makes us feel sorry for the man. But it’s a powerful symbol of how meaningless Facebook ‘Likes’ are when they don’t represent real people with real and abiding enthusiasm.

Here at buyapowa, we’ve developed a suite of social commerce tools which give people powerful reasons not just to ‘Like’ your brand, but also to champion it to their friends, to develop a closer relationship with you and, ultimately, to ‘vote’ for you by purchasing. That’s something everyone should like.

Want to know more? Just get in touch, and we’d be delighted to shake your hand, kiss your baby and talk you through our manifesto. Oh, and sort out a trial. We’ll do that for you, too.

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