The $4.2 billion lunch


There must be over 100 places to get lunch within a five minute walk of the BuyaPowa head office. But, out of all those places, only two advertise gluten-free menu items. Loads of others could (one specialises in jacket potatoes, another in risotto), but they either haven’t thought of it or they’re uneasy about it for some reason.

Well, guess what. The gluten-free market is expected to hit $4.2 BILLION this year. That’s a lot of lunches. And a massive niche marketing opportunity going to waste.

So, if we owned Vital Ingredient, a nearby salad bar that’s every gluten-fearing foodie’s dream, we’d definitely be running a co-buy on our Facebook page. We’d allow our loyal customers to earn a discounted lunch simply by spreading the word to their friends.

We might even allow a hugely influential community like Gluten Free Guerrillas to earn a discounted lunch, and promote it via a well-read blog like Gluten Free Foodie. And we’d have used co-buying to make huge progress in cornering a market that’s seriously under-served.

Pun intended.

We don’t run Vital Ingredient, but we do power Co-buys for all kinds of brands – from car manufacturers to pharmaceutical giants to pop megastars. Want to join their club? Well, we’d love to have a chat. Hell, we might even buy you lunch…

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