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Teamwork: make useful by Buyapowa

My little boy is obsessed with ‘Wonder Pets’. Okay, that’s a lie. I’m obsessed with ‘Wonder Pets’, Nickelodeon’s animated masterpiece where a bunch of opera-singing kindergarten pets save imperilled animals via the medium of teamwork. The kid just joins me on the couch.

That’s how I spend my evenings, but teamwork’s also pretty much what I do for my day-job. I help customers team together to make amazing things happen, and I help brands galvanise the power of that teamwork to turn business goals into business realities. Here’s how…

Since we set up Buyapowa three years ago, we’ve studied, experimented and developed amazing technologies to harness the power of teamwork and use it to drive and magnify sales. The latest addition to our platform is a brand new social selling component called ‘Kickstart it’ – more on that later – but, first, let’s look back to our first ever component (and still one of our most popular ones): the ‘Price steps’.

‘Price steps’ – where prices continually improve as more and more people shop – work because there’s a simple but powerful built-in communal incentive for every customer to share. If I take part and the price of a pair of Beats By Dre headphones is £100, but I see that the price could drop down to £70 providing enough people join, I’m going to do my damndest to share and share and share with my friends until we all hit that target. I’m going to set my social networks on fire.

But we don’t leave that to chance at Buyapowa. Over the years, we’ve refined our sharing tools and our user-flow to the point where sharing is no longer a might-do, it’s a will-do. Up to 95% of customers taking part in campaigns powered by our platform share with their networks. Consequently, around 60% of all people purchasing are brought in by people they know, not directly by the brands whose campaigns we power. You can imagine what that does a) for message effectiveness (just google ‘Forrester’ and ‘trust’ if you’d like to learn how little people listen to brands but how much they listen to their friends), b) for marketing reach and c) for CPA – all of which explains why we’re now the go-to social selling technology provider, both here in the UK and internationally in the USA, Europe and the Far East.

Of course, we didn’t stop at the Price Steps component. Our platform now offers brands the ability to crowd-source ideas or products from their customers (more teamwork), to add value to items or product bundles as growing numbers of people shop (more teamwork), to offer increasing rewards as more people participate (more teamwork), to hold back deals and offers until enough people clamour for them (more teamwork). I could go on, but you see the running thread.

Our latest component, Kickstart it, lets brands take advance payment for products, which only get manufactured or fulfilled when enough people participate. But, unlike other similar tools you might have seen (which are perfect for small start-ups or adventurous hobbyists), our model isn’t limited to one-to-one sales. Uniquely, we can also enable customers to club together to buy things collectively (more teamwork!) – and that’s something which appeals to the biggest brands around, who are fascinated by the obvious benefit of acquiring multiple customers and stimulating multiple viral threads for each and every transaction.

O2, for example, have embraced our platform to power their super-exciting Gift Hacker campaign this Christmas, where people can either petition their friends and family to buy them a great gift, or gang up with their pals to buy something special for someone else. O2 explain it much better than we ever could in this excellent video. Take a look:

If that’s whet your appetite, we’ve got loads more we’d love to show you. Just get in touch below and we’ll show you all the ground-breaking things you could be doing to drive sales and awareness via teamwork. Go Wonder Pets, yay!


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