We're one of the most exciting new companies in the UK: and that's official!

We're one of the most exciting new companies in the UK: and that's official!

We hate to blow our own trumpet. Luckily, the judges of the Real Business Wonga Future 50 blew it for us and included buyapowa in their definitive list of game-changing UK businesses last night. It's a little humbling and a lot exciting.

We're still very young and we're learning new things every day, but we entered this market to prove that social commerce can and must be more than just bolting a store onto your Facebook Page, or collecting pennies via affiliate links. That's why being recognised as doing something pioneering and of value to our partners is incredibly gratifying.

So, a heartfelt thanks to the judges of the Wonga Future 50 and, of course, to everyone we work with. Let's keep changing everything.

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Official: your community understands social commerce better than you do

Co-buying Just WORKS

People just get Co-buying. Earlier this afternoon, we powered the debut Price Drop Co-buy for a niche interest magazine and its tremendous online community, selling a product that the vast majority of people wouldn't understand, let alone want to talk about or buy.

It sold out in a blazingly-short amount of time, generated hundreds of thousands of positive impressions on Twitter, made the walls and news feeds of a huge number of Facebook users. People posted about it on forums, they shared the Co-buy with their friends via email, they made sure the price dropped and dropped and dropped. And, all the while, they generated massive word of mouth promotion and advocacy for the brand behind the product.

Remember, this was the first time any of these magazine readers had encountered the concept of Co-buying.

They weren't afraid of buying in this way.

They weren't reluctant to champion the product in this way.

They understood everything - the price-drop mechanic, the free product for whoever brings the most other Co-buyers in, the rewards available for sharing.

They just got it.

If you run a community, your members would just get it, too.

If your brand dreams of this kind of

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Winning business with global megabrands: there's another way

Made In Norway

We were in Norway recently, speaking at a convention. Now, ordinarily, we might baulk at the idea of travelling over 700 miles for one engagement, but it turned out to be a gem of a trip.

Not only did we meet some wonderful people, we also lined up deals with a number of superstar megabrands. The kind of brands which would take years to get in front of, were you to go through their US or UK offices. But, over there in Scandinavia, there's a real hunger to try out new things, to meet new people, to get business done - and then, once you've achieved success together, to champion their pioneering work with you throughout the company's global network.

So, if you can't get in at Guinness, have you considered Guinness in Nigeria as your foot in the door? Have you approached Estée Lauder's Asian office "Osiao" instead of the US behemoth? It’s a small world… once you know where to start.

Have you done business with a huge brand overseas? Are you one of those adventurous souls doing pioneering work in a giant corporation's 'foreign' territory? Drop us a line - we'd love to hear your perspective.

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