Charge your glasses! We've just launched refer-a-friend for Oddbins

Oddbins, the award-winning wine merchant, has teamed up with Buyapowa to empower and enable customers to refer friends and family to the brand.

While Oddbins origins date back as far as 1963, it has earned a reputation for online marketing innovation, being the first high street retailer in the UK to team up with independent wine bloggers. Now by adopting the latest generation of referral marketing, it is enabling all its customers to recommend the brand via email, social networks, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS or any digital platform of choice.

From today, customers will get a free bottle of wine for each new customer they refer and the friend they bring to Oddbins will also get a free bottle of wine. However customers have an incentive not only to recommend the Oddbins brand to their friends, but also the wine they should purchase, as their reward for bringing a new customer will be the very same bottle purchased by their friend. And to encourage customers to refer again and again, a customer who brings three new customers to the wine retailer will also get an additional £10 voucher to spend on wine of their choice.

Gideon Lask, Founder and CEO

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Why Tesco's customers love social shopping

Tesco Wine Co-buys

We love a good Co-buy. Well, we would. So, we were chuffed that Tesco's Co-buying channel, powered by our ground-breaking SaaS platform, appeared in Tesco's Wine Magazine this month, and is equally loved by their customers. 

Tesco Wine Co-buys

Social shopping is a great way to harness the power of social activity. Don't believe us? Listen to what your potential customers have to say! We love that Michael gets his vote in on the next bottle to be featured and that Paula is now sitting on 170 bottles of Tempranillo. Customers love to feel that they have a voice, are getting a great deal, and that they have the power to foward treats on to others.

In one recent Co-buy, Tesco's customers bagged a beaty of a bargain, with up to 47% off a case. Customers shifted 100 cases of wine in 2 hours by sharing the link to their purchse with friends and family. Everyone's a winner.

We're super proud of our cutting-edge social sales platform, and love to show it off. If you'd like to have a chat about what Buyapowa could do for you, then book a Demo.

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