What influences the influencers?

Right. Elephant in the room time. You know those influencers you’re getting to plug your products? It’s not your brand they’re attracted to – it’s your wallets.

Your big, bulging wallets, as it turns out. Now that influencer marketing is the fastest-growing method of customer acquisition, it’s become a big-money game. Twenty-five percent of brands are spending over half a million dollars on it every year. Five percent are spending over $5m. That translates to about 200 bucks for every half-arsed “Hey, guys – check out this amazing thing I’ve discovered” and ten grand for every “I just spent a day testing the latest doo-dah from thingumabob.”

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Time to cure your brand’s Discount Code addiction


How to wean your customers (and your marketing team) off vouchers and discount codes…

Seeing how 2015 has started with announcement after retailer announcement that excessive discounting severely dented margins in Q4, it’s a good moment to consider another type of rampant discounting: ‘Discount Codes’.

Vouchers as Class A Drugs?

Indiscriminate scatter-gunning of discount codes cheapens your brand by creating a class of customer that always expects discounts.

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The end of lazy social media marketing



When a Great Blog Article Inspires You To Post!

We were inspired to write this blog post by Matt Owen’s excellent recent article in eConsultancy entitled: How can brands make money from social media if they aren’t allowed to join

While that article was mostly targeted at social and content marketing, there are clear parallels with Social Commerce and the offers that brands and retailers can make to their fans and followers via social. Basically, like great content, great offers will get shared, particularly when there is an incentive for the person sharing the offer, and the sharing task is made both easy and natural.

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