BT Mobile, Lebara and Three's Smarty all join the Buyapowa family

BT Mobile, Lebara and Smarty

Just last month, we announced the launch of a refer-a-friend programme for Vodafone's VOXI sub-brand. Today, we're delighted to announce that we'll be working with three further UK telecoms companies: BT Mobile, Lebara and Smarty - the brand new in-house MVNO from another of our clients, Three.

Each of these networks is highly distinct, with singular selling points: BT Mobile offers the UK's biggest 4G network, free wi-fi and perks such as BT Sport; Lebara specialises in international calling, offering packages including unlimited calls to 50 countries across the globe; while Smarty is one of a new breed of highly-targeted sub-brands with compelling features - in this case, a novel new approach to data, where any unused megabytes are refunded the following month.

For a number of years, Buyapowa has been the go-to referral marketing platform for the telecoms industry. Clients such as Three and O2 have benefitted enormously from our technology but, equally, we've benefitted from working with them - developing our understanding of the telecoms sector and its customers at a rate and to a degree which would never have been possible without such incredible hands-on experience. And it's that experience which enables our team of experts to

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Everybody's Three to feel good

If you’ve been anywhere near a television, a billboard or the internet for the past few years (and, if you haven’t, try not to Google ‘Donald Trump’ until you’re fully acclimatised), you’ll have seen some infectiously entertaining marketing from the UK mobile network, Three. Ponies danced, kitties sang and, most recently, Jackson, a fuzzy little purple fella straight out of the Jim Henson Workshop, has been on a one-muppet mission to #makeitright.

It’s tremendously popular stuff (12m YouTube views for just one dancing pony video!) and, combined with the brand’s unique benefits and customer-first ethos, it’s seen Three become the UK’s most recommended telco with a higher Net Promoter Score than any other network. No wonder, then, that Three have chosen this moment to put a proper process in place for those recommendations and launch their first ever refer-a-friend programme - powered by Buyapowa’s award-winning platform.

As of today, customers won’t just be sharing Three’s brilliant creative, they’ll be sharing their love of the network and bringing their friends and family members directly into the fold, inspiring them to take out their own contracts. To reward them for

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Chez Three: Bonheur garanti

Si vous avez plus ou moins suivi la télévision, les panneaux d’affichage ou Internet au Royaume-Uni ces dernières années (sinon, ne tentez pas de googler « Donald Trump » avant d’avoir été complètement habitué), vous avez sûrement dû voir apparaître une forme de marketing très divertissant et communicatif de la part de Three, réseau mobile britannique. Des poneys qui dansent, des chatons qui chantent, et, Jackson, un petit personnage violet et poilu tout droit sorti de l'atelier de Jim Henson qui a tout récemment incarné la mission ##makeitright.

C’est incroyablement populaire (12 millions de vues sur YouTube rien que pour la vidéo de la danse du poney !). Ainsi, grâce aux avantages uniques que propose la marque et à son système de valeur centré sur le consommateur, Three est devenu la marque de télécom la plus plébiscitée, avec un taux de recommandation net supérieur à celui de tout autre réseau. Pas étonnant, donc, que Three ait choisi ce moment pour mettre en place un processus digne de ce nom afin de profiter de ces recommandations et lancer son tout premier programme de parrainage - géré par la plate-forme Buyapowa

Désormais, les consommateurs vont non seulement partager la créativité incroyable de

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