November’s guide to the most interesting things happening in the world of advocacy marketing

Build the best referral program for your business

11 ways to build an effective referral marketing system

We all know referral marketing is savvy marketing. Recruiting new customers from satisfied, existing customers is just good business. However, building the most effective referral marketing system can be a challenge. So what are the key objectives to keep in mind when building or revamping your referral marketing system? Set expectations upfront; let customers know that you want their feedback or will ask for it in the future. Transparency is vital for building customer trust. Second, analyze before you implement. Put simply; make sure your customers are satisfied before rushing to them for reviews and referrals. Otherwise, no one’s happy. Next, create multiple referral paths for customers. No two customers are the same, so it’s always a smart idea to communicate with customers in a way that is simple and efficient for them. With a few small changes, your company could be well equipped to build a successful and sustainable referral marketing program. Want more detail? Click the link to read more.

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October’s guide to the most interesting things happening in the world of advocacy marketing

The problems with 5-star rating systems and how to fix them

Does your business rely on a 5-star rating system for feedback? New research suggests you might want to rethink this approach. The truth is that 5-star systems are good at weeding out very low-quality businesses or products, but they make it hard to separate the good from the great. Why? Well, the 5-star system has built-in selection biases. Without incentives to rate businesses or products, most customers who leave feedback have either had a very good experience or a very bad one. Also, some businesses inflate their ratings system, meaning that 4.8-star average score might not be as exceptional as you think. The solution? Show customers an average rating for products or suppliers in that sector. Or, adjust user ratings based on differences in their reviewing behaviour. Follow the few easy tips laid out here to make your rating system more meaningful.

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Le Guide Du Mois D’Octobre Sur Les Événements Les Plus Intéressants Dans Le Monde Du Marketing De Recommendation

Les problèmes avec le système d’évaluation à 5 étoiles et comment les résoudre

Votre entreprise s’appuie-t-elle sur un système de notation à 5 étoiles pour obtenir un retour d’information? De nouvelles recherches suggèrent que vous allez peut-être vouloir repenser cette approche. La vérité est que les systèmes à 5 étoiles sont bons pour éliminer les entreprises ou les produits de très mauvaise qualité, mais ils rendent difficile la distinction entre ce qui est bien et ce qui est vraiment très bien. Pourquoi ? Eh bien, le système de notation à 5 étoiles est biaisé. En l’absence d’incentive pour évaluer les entreprises ou les produits, la plupart des clients qui laissent des commentaires ont eu soit une très bonne ou soit très mauvaise expérience. De plus, certaines entreprises gonflent leur système de notation, ce qui signifie que la note moyenne de 4,8 étoiles n’est peut-être pas aussi exceptionnelle que vous le pensez. La solution ? Indiquer aux clients la note moyenne pour les produits ou les fournisseurs de ce secteur. Ou, ajuster les évaluations des utilisateurs en fonction des différences dans leur comportement d’évaluation. Suivez les quelques conseils faciles présentés ici pour rendre votre système d’évaluation plus significatif.

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Our irregular guide to the most interesting things happening in the world of advocacy marketing

Employee perks at a 12-year low

The total number of people receiving taxable job perks from their employer fell 600,000 to 3.6 million in the last year, the lowest point since 2007. The reason? Corporations are cutting costs as a response to the threat of economic uncertainty from the 2008 crisis and, more recently, Brexit. Confusion around which of these perks are tax-exempt has also likely pushed a lot of small businesses to leave employee perks in the past. When done right, employee perks can slow turnover and encourage staff performance. However, it looks like many businesses are viewing the cost and hassle as too high to justify the gains.
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Le Guide des Événements les plus intéressants dans le Monde du Marketing de Recommendation

Les avantages des employés à leur plus bas niveau depuis 12 ans

Le nombre total de personnes bénéficiant d’avantages sociaux imposables de leur employeur a diminué de 600 000 au cours de la dernière année, atteignant son plus bas niveau depuis 2007. La raison ? Les entreprises réduisent leurs coûts en réponse à la menace d’incertitude économique liée à la crise de 2008 et, plus récemment, au Brexit. La confusion autour de laquelle ces avantages sont exonérés d’impôt a probablement également poussé beaucoup de petites entreprises à laisser les avantages employés dans le passé. Lorsqu’ils sont faits correctement, les avantages employés peuvent encourager la performance du personnel, cependant, il semble que de nombreuses entreprises considèrent le coût et les tracas comme trop élevés pour justifier les gains.
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Buyapowa Client Summit 2019

What do you get when you decide to work with Buyapowa? Well, you get unprecedented numbers of valuable new customers, acquired via the world’s leading refer-a-friend platform. You get unlimited support and guidance from our team of advocacy experts, plus a fully-managed service which makes launching and refining your programme a breeze. But, most importantly, you get to come to the annual Buyapowa Client Summit – just like these wonderful people did this week:

As always, it was a blast – and it turned out to be every bit as enlightening as it was fun, thanks to absolutely fascinating guest presentations from Bulb’s Jenny Zhao and SMARTY’s Ian Buckley, plus a panel chaired by ecommerce legend Matthew Tod and featuring Vodafone’s Daniel Thomas. From our side, we were delighted to announce several brand new features coming soon to the Buyapowa platform, and to explain how our clients can use some whip-smart psychological hacks to supercharge their referral programmes.

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