Should You Have to Pay Facebook to Speak to Your Fans? (Part 1)


The first part of this blog article considers the value of Customer to Customer communications in light of the changes to Facebook's algorithm...

Paying to Speak to Your Own Fans? (Part 1)

The recent publicity surrounding Facebook’s policy decision to further reduce the number of brand posts that can appear in a member’s newsfeed has cast further doubt on the value of a simple ‘like’ on Facebook.

Several commentators have estimated that only between 1% to 6% of organic posts by brands will reach Fans newsfeeds which means that relying on simply posting to your Facebook Page is unlikely to return much reward.

Facebook has long confirmed that 85% of users never return to a Brand Page and so almost all the valuable interaction with your ‘Fans’ takes place in their newsfeed. The now defunct Edgerank was introduced to ensure that posts from friends you interact with most will appear more often and for longer in the newsfeed. This was clearly designed to reduce the number messages from brands in the newsfeed and users can now class friends in different groups on Facebook such as close friends, acquaintances or in specific lists etc., which is likely to further

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