Social Media Week Bingo - Play NOW!


It's Social Media Week! To celebrate, we've put together this very special print-out-then-cut-out-then-keep-then-throw-away-after-a-few-days SMW bingo card. The rules are pretty simple:

1. Click to enlarge the image below.

2. Print out then cut out then... you get the idea.

3. Attend as many events as possible at your friendly neighbourhood conference.

4. When you see things, tick them off on your card. Not any old things though - just the things featured on the card. Don't tick off a pretty rainbow or a worrying mole on your forehead.

5. As soon as you've ticked off all 16 things on the card, shout "I'm a winner!"

6. Feel very good about yourself.

7. Contact us about about your prize.

8. Feel sad about there not being a prize.


Enjoy, and we'll see you down the front, moshing to Gartner's keynote on big data.

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The Winner Takes It All: Do contests with one big prize motivate or demotivate your customers?


Does One Big Fat Prize Motivate You?

Chances are high that you will have seen some form of email arrive in your inbox over the last few weeks inciting you to take part in the latest  sweepstake, lottery or competition for ‘a chance to win…..’.

Many of these competitions have ‘One Big Fat Prize’, in other words the kind of headline grabbing prize that makes you go ‘wow’. That could be an all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean, a make-over for your home from a leading designer or even a Breville Snack and Sandwich Maker!

OK, we are joking about the sandwich maker. But you get the picture. One person gets its all.

The real question is do these ‘winner takes all’ prizes really motivate you to take part? Do you work out the maths in your head and realise your chances of winning are infinitely slim? Do you think you are that unlucky guy or girl that is bound to always fall just one place short of that prize you dreamed of? After all, we have all seen that housewife from Milton Keynes appearing on Day Time TV who does nothing but win competition after competition. How can you

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by Peter

Debenhams + Buyapowa: this season's must-have collection


We've just gone live with our first campaign for Debenhams. It goes without saying that we're super-excited, and we really think social shopping's going to help them shake things up on the high street in the run-up to Christmas.

We'd publish the full press release here, but we'd rather let these fine people do our talking for us...

Brand Republic The Drum Yours Magazine Essential Retail

We'll be unveiling the secret technology which Debenhams, among others, are using at an exclusive webinar later this month. We'd love for you to attend. Just hit the button below to book your place and we'll see you there. 


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Should you have to pay Facebook to speak to your Fans? (Part 2)


The first part of this blog article considered the value of Customer to Customer communications in light of the changes to Facebook's algorithm, this post considers how to motivate true Customer to Customer sharing...

Paying to Speak to Your Own Fans? (Part 2)

The Principle of Sharing: Value for the Giver and Value for the Receiver

The key to understanding this is the principle of ‘what’s in it for me’ or ‘WIITFM’ for your Fan. But also you need to think about ‘what’s in it for my friend’ or ‘WIITFMF’ from the point of view of your Fan to encourage sharing.

As argued above, if you can provide a good deal to your Fans they are more likely to be receptive and research has shown that one of the key motivations of friending on social networks is to gain discounts and access to exclusive offers.  But you can incentivise your Fans to share the offer with the possibility of a lower price, better deal, some exclusive content or other reward such as back stage tickets.

When the reward is seen as valuable and linked to your product or service, it should be seen as legitimate and importantly you

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Should You Have to Pay Facebook to Speak to Your Fans? (Part 1)


The first part of this blog article considers the value of Customer to Customer communications in light of the changes to Facebook's algorithm...

Paying to Speak to Your Own Fans? (Part 1)

The recent publicity surrounding Facebook’s policy decision to further reduce the number of brand posts that can appear in a member’s newsfeed has cast further doubt on the value of a simple ‘like’ on Facebook.

Several commentators have estimated that only between 1% to 6% of organic posts by brands will reach Fans newsfeeds which means that relying on simply posting to your Facebook Page is unlikely to return much reward.

Facebook has long confirmed that 85% of users never return to a Brand Page and so almost all the valuable interaction with your ‘Fans’ takes place in their newsfeed. The now defunct Edgerank was introduced to ensure that posts from friends you interact with most will appear more often and for longer in the newsfeed. This was clearly designed to reduce the number messages from brands in the newsfeed and users can now class friends in different groups on Facebook such as close friends, acquaintances or in specific lists etc., which is likely to further

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