Competitions are officially worthless

Competitions are officially worthless

We'll keep this one short but sweet. In fact, you only really need to read the quote in bold below. It's a biggie. So, here we go...

We had a fascinating meeting with the Marketing Director of a consumer goods giant this morning. It would be wrong to name names, but this company's high up in the Forbes Global 2000, they're a household name brand. And one line struck us hard. It should strike you hard, too:

"We need to stop doing competitions. They're worthless to us. We need to prove that the fans we're attracting to our Facebook page are willing to invest in our brand."

Take a second to let that sink in, because it's a massive, unspoken truth. Competitions might seem to work, you might collect umpteen new 'Likes', you might gather god-knows-how-many email addresses. But all you're actually doing is identifying people who want something for nothing - the very people, in fact, you should be actively eradicating from your marketing databases.

It's a really bold move from this brand, and we're delighted to be helping them explore ways of growing a real community of passionate advocates who actually want to buy their products. Because that's

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Social Media Marketers: five ways to make your Finance Director love you

Social Media Marketers: five ways to make your Finance Director love you

It's that Valentine's-y time of year but, instead of surprising your Finance Director with a bunch of red roses (we're pretty sure that kind of thing's frowned upon these days), why not give them the gift of cold, hard ROI?

Here's five simple ways you can use Social Commerce to get real, measurable results from your marketing activity.

1) Introduce an entirely new KPI to your marketing reports: revenue. There's nothing a CFO or FD wants to see more than dollars and cents on a spreadsheet. Sales figures are like Shakespearean sonnets to those folk, and rightly so: revenue pays wages, keeps roofs over heads, facilitates expansion - all that good stuff you go into business to achieve.

2) Make absolutely sure that a certain percentage of your social media marketing activity results in direct revenue. Prove that you're focused on real achievables, and that your audience is prepared to shop with you, that they're more than just 'fans' and 'followers'. Converting your fans into shoppers proves that the community you've invested in contains super-customers, people who spend money with you and urge their friends to spend money with you, too.

3) Demonstrate that social media marketing isn't just the

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Are your Facebook adverts getting it totally wrong?

Are your Facebook adverts getting it totally wrong?

Sky would like to sell me broadband. I know that because I clicked on this ad on my Facebook timeline and arrived at a Sky Broadband landing page.

Sky broadband - poor advert

Here’s the thing, though. Were it not for the fact that I wanted to discuss it, I would never have clicked on that ad… even if I did need broadband. Why? Well, there’s two reasons:

1) Why the unbranded anonymity? Sky are a highly reputable provider, but disguising who’s doing the advertising makes me think I’m being sold broadband by Acme Internet Inc.

2) There’s no such thing as free. I know that. You know that. And Sky know that. And yet marketeers keep insisting on using this ‘free’ message – a message that’s so tiresomely familiar, it can only ever devalue the product they’re trying to sell.

Wouldn’t it have been music more intriguing if Sky had run something like this?

Sky broadband - much better advert

This is basic human psychology. If someone is giving something away, you can’t help but question its value. But, if someone asks you to earn the same reward – and the harder you work, the better that reward gets? Well, that sounds infinitely

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Off the peg social commerce for your brand's Facebook page: why wait?

Ready to wear social commerce for your brand's Facebook page

We've all been there. Someone has a brilliant idea about how to reach more people, sell more, do more... then it goes to the UX team, then the product team, then the dev team. It goes through 1000 stages of planning, wireframing, working prototypes, UAT, iterations. More and more complexity, more and more time, more and more money.

We were speaking to a very well-known drinks company recently about a fantastic social commerce campaign they had run on Facebook. It was beautifully implemented, it worked really well - people shared, people engaged, people bought - but it had cost them the best part of £100k to implement and they'd emerged with no way of repeating the campaign without spending a similar amount.

Needless to say, they were very excited when we told them we had a super-affordable, off-the-shelf solution which offers almost identical functionality, lives in your brand's Facebook page, takes less than a day to implement and is reusable again and again and again - at no extra cost.

All that is absolutely crucial for agencies who have heard that social commerce is THE #1 social media trend for 2013 and need to roll out quick-but-affordable solutions to their clients before they get left behind.

If that sounds like you, take a minute to drop us a line. That single minute could be all it takes to get a cutting-edge social commerce campaign up and running on your Facebook Page.

Robin Bresnark

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