Time Inc.'s new refer-a-friend scheme

Time Inc. UK has partnered with Buyapowa to empower all its subscribers to refer friends to any of its publications.

As Britain's leading publisher of print and digital magazines, it publishes over 60 titles including People, Sports Illustrated, Country Life, Horse & Hound, NME, InStyle, Decanter and the eponymous Time Magazine. Subscribers can now recommend that friends try any of these publications with a 55% discount on initial subscription. Each successful referral earning the referrer a £5 John Lewis card.

Gideon Lask, Founder and CEO of Buyapowa said "Time Inc. always knew that word of mouth played an important part in driving magazine subscriptions offline. But because consumers now spend so much time being social online, that represents an enormous subscriber-get-subscriber opportunity.

Time Inc. partnered with Buyapowa because of our advanced and easy to use sharing tools. These enable any subscriber to refer friends directly from their laptop or mobile phone using email, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS or their social network of choice.

Word of mouth works well for subscription businesses like magazines as people with a niche interest often know people who share their passion. But we all know friends, family and colleagues with different interests. So by making

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Buyapowa and Heal's pioneer in-store referrals

Buyapowa can today announce that, together with the celebrated home furnishing retailer Heal’s, we’re breaking new ground in referral marketing technology - bringing a previously online-only phenomenon into the place where the vast majority of retail still takes place: physical stores.

As of today, Heal’s customers will not only be able to enrol in their hugely successful referral programme in-store, they’ll also be able to share incentives with their friends which can be redeemed either online at heals.co.uk or at any of Heal’s stores across the UK.

We’ve achieved this by developing world-first technology which can quickly integrate with any EPOS system, enabling sales assistants to validate digital referrals on the spot. The moment a friend presents their unique incentive code in-store, our technology translates any applicable saving for the EPOS system while simultaneously identifying the referrer and issuing them a reward for making a successful introduction. This too, of course, can be spent online or in-store, maximising the chance of repeat purchases from loyal customers.

Heal’s will be promoting their exciting new programme via in-store signage, with flyers and on till receipts in the run-up to the peak Christmas trading

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Black Friday: After the Party, the Hangover...

Phew! Together with retailers all over the World, you will be breathing a sigh of relief now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 are behind us!

This is because the past weekend was the culmination of months of planning to ensure that your websites stayed up, your call centres were able to take the strain and your logistics partners were fully prepped for the deluge. Of course, it will not actually be over until all those parcels have been delivered and all the returns have been dealt with, so it is safe to assume that you will be busy for a little longer yet.

But while you won't have actual numbers for a few weeks, it would only be human for you to be already taking a mental stock of what these two momentous sales days actually meant for your business.

A big shopping party

Early indicators already suggest that the Black Friday weekend was one big shopping party, even bigger than 2015! And even if shoppers continued to shift spending online, with Tamara Gaffney of Adobe claiming Black Friday 2016 dethroned Cyber Monday as ‘largest online shopping day of the year’, in-store spending in the UK was still

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Charge your glasses! We've just launched refer-a-friend for Oddbins

Oddbins, the award-winning wine merchant, has teamed up with Buyapowa to empower and enable customers to refer friends and family to the brand.

While Oddbins origins date back as far as 1963, it has earned a reputation for online marketing innovation, being the first high street retailer in the UK to team up with independent wine bloggers. Now by adopting the latest generation of referral marketing, it is enabling all its customers to recommend the brand via email, social networks, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS or any digital platform of choice.

From today, customers will get a free bottle of wine for each new customer they refer and the friend they bring to Oddbins will also get a free bottle of wine. However customers have an incentive not only to recommend the Oddbins brand to their friends, but also the wine they should purchase, as their reward for bringing a new customer will be the very same bottle purchased by their friend. And to encourage customers to refer again and again, a customer who brings three new customers to the wine retailer will also get an additional £10 voucher to spend on wine of their choice.

Gideon Lask, Founder and CEO

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Joe Browns new referral scheme

Joe Browns, the quirky Leeds based feel-good lifestyle brand present in over 250 stores worldwide, has partnered with Buyapowa to empower and enable all its customers to recommend the brand they love to friends and family.

As a brand that is passionate about creating wonderfully unique ranges of clothing that people simply love to wear day in day out, Joe Browns takes influences from all over the world to offer something that stands apart from other high street or shopping mall fashion options. They do this by combining bold colours, bright patterns, fabulous silhouettes and high quality, distinctive 3D detailing with authentic little touches and fine details to give customers clothes that help express their individuality.

Because of the uniqueness of the Joe Browns range, it attracts many loyal and passionate brand fans that provide an ideal reservoir to turn positive word-of-mouth into sales. And from today, thanks to Buyapowa's Refer-a-Friend platform, all of those brand fans can offer friends and family a £5 incentive to try the brand for the first time. And for each new customer referred, the referrer also gets £5 store credit against their next purchase.

Gideon Lask, Founder and CEO of Buyapowa said "Frankly for

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