The Book People's new referral scheme

The Book People, the UK's favourite discount bookseller that aims to make books available and affordable to everyone, has turned to Buyapowa to enable and empower all book enthusiasts to refer friends and family.

By joining the Book People, members gain access to an extensive range of hand-picked books, gifts, toys and stationery, often at up to 75% off RRP. But now thanks to the Buyapowa Refer-a-Friend platform, all members can now also recommend that friends try the service with an enticing additional 15% off their first purchase. As a thank you for bringing new members, each successful referral also earns that member 15% off their next purchase.

Gideon Lask, Founder and CEO of Buyapowa said "By partnering with Buyapowa, the Book People benefits from our proven technology and experience running referral programmes for over 100 of the world's leading brands and retailers. A true white label experience means our referral programmes blend seamlessly with the look and feel of our clients' mobile sites and websites. And, with our advanced sharing tools and unique combination of smart rewards, incentives and gamification, customers are encouraged to share not just once, but again and again. Critically, a key decision factor for The

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Niche to see you, to see you niche

There’s a strange law of nature which says that the more niche and specialist a person’s interests, the more likely they are to shout about it… and to know loads of other people who share that interest. (Case in point: people with allergies, cos-players, pencil sculpture*.)

Maybe that’s why Immediate Media, the UK’s leading special-interest publisher, sell 74 million magazines every year: you love a magazine because it caters to something you’re incredibly passionate about and you tell your friends who share that passion. Or maybe it’s just because they produce fantastic mags.

I’m guessing it’s a bit of both, but Buyapowa are certainly delighted to help Immediate take that organic word-of-mouth element into the digital age, powering brand new refer-a-friend programmes for a range of their titles, starting with 220 Triathlon and Cycling Plus.

Both programmes are smart and simple, incentivising existing subscribers to get their friends on board by rewarding them with vouchers to spend at Wiggle - the specialist cycling retailer - whenever they made a successful introduction. Their friends, meanwhile, are incentivised to subscribe via a range of special welcome offers, including three issues for £3, 30% off

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Jamie Oliver's recipe for business growth

If you've been following the massive hoo-ha about the BBC removing recipes from its website, you'll know how passionate the UK public are about them. So it's no wonder that 'Jamie' - the award-winning food & travel magazine from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, which features over 75 recipes in each and every issue - is one of the UK's best loved publications.

We love it when we come across products which are all about passion, because they're a natural fit for our refer-a-friend technology. If you're into cooking, you're bound to know others who are, too. Even if you're hopeless in the kitchen but love visiting great restaurants, trying new street food, learning from the world's greatest chefs and winemakers and discovering hot new gastronomic destinations, then your friends are highly likely to share those passions.

That makes sharing natural, and subscriber-get-subscriber referrals simple - providing you're using the right platform to incentivise and facilitate those referrals. That's where we come in, of course, and we're delighted to announce that the 'Jamie' team have come to us to power their brand new refer-a-friend programme.

We're also really excited that they're using one of our platform's unique features - tiered rewards

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The Future of Magazine Subscriptions

When a leading magazine publisher like Future Plc, which publishes over 30 leading magazines in fields as diverse as video games, technology, films, photography and sport, decides to rethink how it acquires subscribers then, if your business depends on subscriptions, I guess you would be interested to know more?

So we have put together a short video for you so you can see how this works!

Enjoy the video!

Future plc is just one of many leading brands and retailers, across a whole host of verticals, that successfully countered high subscriber or customer acquisition costs with Buyapowa's referral marketing software. If you'd like to see some case studies, or even see a full demo of our platform, we'd love to hear from you .

Just drop us a line and we can share what we have learned about referral marketing from working with over 100 of the World's leading brands and retailers!

Recent Buyapowa Client Activity:

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"Native advertising is evil", unless...


An extremely thought-provoking article appeared in The Guardian this week, written by the advertising analyst, Bob Garfield. Via a rather delicious Faustian metaphor, he accuses the publishing industry of selling its soul in its acceptance - possibly even its celebration - of native advertising: sponsored content which serves a brand agenda masquerading as editorially created copy. Or, as Fleet Street's finest used to call it, advertorial.

We'll not explore the ethics of native advertising here. Bob Garfield makes a tremendously compelling case, so compelling in fact that Dr Paul Marsden of Digital Intelligence Today sums up his argument as "native advertising is evil". Certainly, there's a sizeable wolf-in-sheeps-clothing hue to the whole practice, a tacit industry understanding that most advertising is so grubby every possible measure should be taken to ensure that the public doesn't recognise an ad as an ad.

Which seems thoroughly barking to me.

If you're worried that the public will find your adverts underhand or conniving, surely the answer isn't to disguise them as something fluffier. The answer is to make them less underhand and less conniving. To do that, you need to address two fundamental problems with just about all advertising, branding and marketing today:

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