Game over: EE hi-scores with its influencer marketing campaign


If you've been following the blogs, the tweets and the general hubbub that make up the marketing community, you'll have seen a lot of talk about Influencer Marketing recently. Some of it's been wildly theoretical ("uhhh, I think this would happen"), so we reckoned it'd be helpful to share a real life example with you here: the innovative Social Selling campaign which the leading UK telco EE recently ran on the Buyapowa platform.

Why's it such a fascinating example? Well, just take a look at some of the headline stats:

  • 60,000 transactions in just 3.5 weeks
  • An unprecedented level of ‘Fan to Fan’ sharing
  • The top two referrers brought in 801 and 613 other participants respectively

So, how did it work?

To promote its super-fast 4GEE offering to mobile gamers, EE looked to influencer marketing,and enlisted the leading YouTube gaming blogger Alistair Aitken (better known as ‘Ali-A’) to promote a limited edition Ali-A sim card - featuring hundreds of GB of free data - to his fans and followers with tweets and videos like this:


Back to the top

To get the gamers sharing and generate word of mouth, EE offered prizes that really connected with the

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by Peter

80% of January sales are over by January


We thought it would be fun to show you how the January sales looked 30 years ago (see video below), when the lure of great discounts could bring the masses to your store.

But for January 2015, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and even Panic Saturday promotions fresh in shoppers' minds, you're going to need more than just great prices to ensure your January sales don't fizzle out before January even starts.

So, here are our tips on how to use Social Selling to make your New Year sales a lasting success.

First, a look at how we used to do January sales in 1984:

Here are our top five Social Selling tips for January 2015:

1. Involve your social audience early. As we approach the tail end of December use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to ask your audience what they want to see in your sales. Make them feel like they’re curating the campaign.

2. Sometimes less is more. It’s tempting to launch all your offers on day one, but hold some back. Treat them as mini-marketing campaigns and launch them regularly throughout the entire campaign.

3. Make some of your offers exclusive to your social audience

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by Peter

When we shop together we've got the right stuff

Teamwork: make useful by Buyapowa

My little boy is obsessed with 'Wonder Pets'. Okay, that's a lie. I'm obsessed with 'Wonder Pets', Nickelodeon's animated masterpiece where a bunch of opera-singing kindergarten pets save imperilled animals via the medium of teamwork. The kid just joins me on the couch.

That's how I spend my evenings, but teamwork's also pretty much what I do for my day-job. I help customers team together to make amazing things happen, and I help brands galvanise the power of that teamwork to turn business goals into business realities. Here's how...

Since we set up Buyapowa three years ago, we've studied, experimented and developed amazing technologies to harness the power of teamwork and use it to drive and magnify sales. The latest addition to our platform is a brand new social selling component called 'Kickstart it' - more on that later - but, first, let's look back to our first ever component (and still one of our most popular ones): the 'Price steps'.

'Price steps' - where prices continually improve as more and more people shop - work because there's a simple but powerful built-in communal incentive for every customer to share. If I take part and the price of a pair

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