Let’s get personal: how referral is transforming an ecommerce phenomenon

Once upon a time, if you wanted to look the part, you’d have to know an awful lot about fashion, where to buy the best clothes and what’d look good on you. These days, the internet’s taken care of all that (thanks, internet!), due to the incredible success of personal stylist services from Keaton Row and Stitch Fix (for women) to Bombfell and Trunk Club (for men).

They all tend to work in a similar way: you sign up, get assigned a stylist then brief them on your likes and dislikes. Then off they trot to source the perfect wardrobe for you, and everything arrives beautifully packed at your front door without you ever having to set foot near a pokey fitting room. It’s the future. But now!

Most of these services have got where they are today on the back of personal recommendations from friends: “Wow, Zelda - you’re looking great these days.” "Thanks, Dahlia, but I’ve got all the taste of unseasoned tofu. This is all down to [insert name of brilliant web service here]. You should try them!”. So, it’s no wonder that one of the best personal styling services

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